Friday, November 17, 2023

starBlueSUNSET ⭐💙🌞


mixed media on canvas 

Abstract Expressionism 

miniMAXIMA Designs, 11/23/2023


I'm going to make a new original art design image every Thursday, starting on November 30th until 2025.

Each new picture will be inspired by whatever is currently fresh in the creative process of production. This spontaneous method of art design is a more organic form of figurative and non-figurative contemporary abstract expressionism. This new series will also include a variety of different mediums such as watercolor on paper, inkblot images, collage assemblage, poetry and jewelry.  

 'starBlueSUNSET' is the first image made from the new 'miniMAXIMA' logo-label, designed by Shurvon Alicia for 2023.

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