Sunday, September 29, 2013

"WHAT IS ART THEORY???????!!!......."


     Art Theory is an interpretation of how a person views fine arts, artist, art education and the overall purpose art has in a society. Of course there are academic definitions of fine art theory but they are also based upon the limited formal research of scholars. There isn't only ( 1 ) way to look at fine art because everyone will see something unique when studying artwork created by both the masters and amateurs, but that doesn't mean it is any less significant its just different. Which means that there is plenty of artwork in the world that will suit the needs of everyone who choses to be a fine arts observer.
     The presence of visual artwork in a person's environment plays a very crucial role in how they will view the world. The importance of studying fine art has the same if not more of an intellectual impact as reading good literature. They each provide something special to strengthen the human spirit, mind, body and soul. That's why I believe it is necessary to create art that is accessible for everyone to enjoy regardless of their current financial status. 

Some people may have to start by collecting limited edition postage stamps, note cards and posters. The key is to start somewhere and build from there, many famous visual artist started creating exceptional artwork as children in school, which helped establish their future success. It is never to late to cultivate your inner-creative spirit, whether its painting, writing, theater or dance. THE WORLD IS WAITING TO SEE YOUR TALENT!!!
2-SHADES OF THEORY by Shurvon Haynes (c) 2013
For more information about  ART THEORY please view some of the references below:
Art on my mind by bell hooks

Arts for Social Change by Beverly Naidus

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