Friday, April 18, 2014

THE FINE ARTS VISIONARY aka Shurvon Shaynlicia!

1. Where did you get the name 'Shaynlicia'? 

I created this name by combining my first, middle and last name into one name that I sometimes use as my visual artists social media name.

2. What is the meaning of the terms Selah, Shalom and Ubuntu that are often used on your social media webpages?

The name Selah means to pause and meditate. Shalom means to be at peace according to several biblical and Hebrew language translations. Ubuntu is a African term that means generosity, thankfulness and gratitude. I use these words to remind myself to be encouraged and be creative as a visual artist.

3. What is your Fine Arts Visionary mission statement.

To create artwork that is intellectual and aesthetically original. I also will encourage other artists and art programs to continue their efforts to represent natural artistic talent diversity and ideas that promote optimism!

4. Why is fuchsia and black your favorite colors?

Because they are one of the best
color combinations for all weather seasons, social occasions and colorful living!

5. What motivates you to be a visual artist and Fine Arts Visionary!

Being an artists is much more than just actually painting on a canvas, it is a way of life and a form of intellect. It is something that has always been a part of my spirit, mind, soul and heart before I chose to express my artistic abilities on paper. The creative ideas were simply marinating in the universe!

6. What is the concept behind your Fine Arts Theory Designer Series?

It is a theme that expresses my thoughts, ideas and beliefs that I had about being an visual artists that were based upon different definitions of what I had been taught about art and visual artists. As a result each art peace has some level of symbolic relevance to my journey. This was not something I initially planned to do when I started painting but I can see it now in the images that I have completed for the first two seasons of this series.

7. What is your next scheduled art show?

Stay tuned for more information about the local art shows and festivals, featuring The Fine Arts Designer Series: Season Two...SPRING FLORALITY, Season Three...SUMMER 2 LOVE and Season Four...NIGHT FALL! That will be presented at different locations from September - December, 2014.

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