Monday, October 27, 2014

What I now KNOW for sure!

Oprah Winfrey has a article in her monthly "O" magazine, called what 'I know for Sure.' Where she writes about her life experiences and "aha" moments. I have read her books and magazines more than I have watched her talk show, although I do love her "my favorites" gift giving generosity and book club ideas.
As I approach a new stage of my life I can only look back and say "my soul cries out hallelujah" when I think of the glory of God that has been since the day I was born into this world.
Heaven and Earth is a visual display of magnificent fine art and the oceans is full of his abundance, peace and wisdom. I'm forever thankful to be a complete woman living in this century.

The Universe has come a long way since "...and let there be light," and the stars sparkled at night. There has been many changes and improvements over the years but one thing remains the same. The sun and the moon will always rise, from the moment we awake until we close our eyes.

As a Black African-American Woman and a Fine Arts Visionary, I am forever thankful for the gift of living a life of purpose, valuable worth and unlimited possibilities. There are so many men and women all over the world who have been mistreated and discriminated against by those who have destructive haterism in their spirit.

But God said, "We shall now have beauty instead of (L)ashes, strength instead of fear, gladness instead of mourning and peace instead of despair." (reference Isaiah 61:3 of the Holy Bible.) This means we will not be terrorized because of our natural (God Given) physical bodies or denied our civil rights to receive professional business opportunities, social, medical and educational services because we refuse to be traumatized targets of obsessive BULLYING Brutality!!!

WE HAVE OVERCAME and We are now shouting for all to hear - STOP! NO MORE -ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! -our lives are very precious and we will no longer be the victim of persistent violent abuse.

WE ARE HERE TO LIVE AND REPLENISH OUR HEARTS AND MINDS TO INCREASE OUR NEW GROWTH OF POTENTIAL RESOURCES. This is our Declaration of Creative Fine Art, that is necessary for us to reach the goal of keeping this world a beautiful place for the future generations of people to be prosperous, wise and healthy!


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