Thursday, June 25, 2015

my heART's Designer Series, "I can give you 25 reasons..."

     The purpose of the my heART's Designer Series was to paint some art peaces that represent the top 25 reasons (person, places and things) that inspired me as an visual artists. When I was young I noticed many colorful murals and paintings that were obviously different than the newsprint brown tinged paper that I was coloring on with my crayola color crayons, markers and watercolor paints at my elementary school. Art class was one of my most favorite subjects, we made all types of pictures and objects using all sorts of materials including tempera paints for our art projects.

     However, watercolor paints has always been my favorite type of paint, I absolutely loved mixing the rainbow of colors in those little green and yellow crayola paint pans. At that time I didn't know nothing about the different types of paint mediums, brush sizes, product brands, paper textures, scale-size perspective and color wheel theories, etc..."i just LOVED TO PAINT PICTURES OF ART." 

Now, as an adult visual artists it is important for me to include those creative memories and experiences I had as a child into the Fine Art paintings that I make today! That is how the PAINT+PAPER+PAINTBRUSHES = 25 REASONS i LOVE ART DESIGNER SERIES was started. 

     As you may have read in my previous blog post there was going to be twenty-five separate paintings for each reason that was listed, but now I have decided to paint one large painting of all the topics that are listed on the first '25 Reasons I heART' blog post. 

This new watercolor picture will also be my first time making a Surrealist Fine Art image ...and YES!!! I will be painting with the Oh~So Fabulous Chinese Calligraphy Brushes to outline the details of this one-of-a-kind painting. There will be sketch updates posted this on until the final painting is completed.

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