Friday, March 16, 2018

Fine Art Books, Poetry, Magazine, Blogs and AWARDS!!!

Adventures from my "Journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts"

Original poems written by Shurvon Shaynlicia are in the new African American Writers Alliance poetry book!

Visual Art that Matters!
Visit the Onyx Fine Arts Gallery Website for more information about how to purchase their new fine arts book

The JUVON Journey of Eccentric Fine Arts Sketchbook is now at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York
Book Number: 345.67-3
Original Fine Arts designed by
 Shurvon Haynes and Julius Brandon 
in Seattle, WA
2015 - 2018

Visual Artists of the month featured in 
Original Eccentric Fine Arts by Design will be featured in the new KERNE MAGAZINE for June 2018.

The KERNE MAGAZINE TEAM will be at the
Freshest Roots' Espresso Open Mic Show on this Friday June 1st, 2018 at 7pm.
Items that will be featured on our set up this Friday includes:

Magazine copies (Issues May & June)

L Ralliford Artist Calendar

L Ralliford Original Art

KERNE Magazine Merchandise

And much more.

Espresso Night will be a great combination of powerful poetry, great music and an opportunity to dive deeper into your history and community news.


Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute located at 104 17th Ave South
Seattle, WA 98144  O U R  M O T T O 

“Let us broaden the minds of our community and help to teach about the forgotten past as well as lead our family to a beautiful and an unknown future.” Featured Original Art by L Ralliford

Each magazine issue is designed and edited by L Ralliford. Each cover art is carefully handcrafted and constructed to reflect each theme. Inside each copy of KERNE Magazine, are various paintings and illustrations created by L Ralliford, that are designed to help tell showcase these stories and reports. Espresso Open Mic, is an opportunity to meet the Editor-in-Chief/Artist L Ralliford as well as the opportunity to take home one of these amazing original pieces. *L Ralliford is the creator, founder and CEO  of KERNE MAGAZINE, visit their website for more information about how to
subscribe to this Fabulous, Wonderful and Magnificent collectors journal for people of the African Diaspora. 
KERNE MAGAZINE will also have merchandise for sale at the Freshest Roots Open Mic tommorow night at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center in Seattle on Friday, June 1st at 7pm. •Eccentric Fine Arts by Design •L Ralliford of KERNE MAGAZINE
•Freshest Roots Open Mic Espresso

written by Natasha Burrowes

"Be Encouraged and Live"
is now featured on the new 
Mindful Monday Blog

A Meditation Dedicated to Women of the African Diaspora

Calling in the wisdom of…


Mother Earth

Spirit Sophia

Aminah, mother of Mohammad

Mary, mother of Jesus the Christ

Isis, Queen Sheeba, Nefertiti

Sojourner Truth, Septima Clark

Harriet Tubman, Winnie Mandela



And those we have not named…..


<Pause.  A moment of silence.>


We are their hopes.  

Born of their sacred wombs

Carrying legacy

We are life continued.


Collective callings

Prophetic voice

Tilling this Earth back to a higher truth 

One child at a time

One moment at a time

One project at a time 

One policy at a time

One person at a time

We keep moving forward.


Weary from fighting against, pushing back, calling out

Releasing the weight of this bridge on my back


Reclaiming my time

My power

My space


I breathe in a new truth that is mine to create


Breathing in ancestral lands

Breathing in the legacy we carry forward

Breathing in being loved

Breathing in being seen

Breathing in experiencing joy

Breathing in feeling beautiful

Breathing in the I AM.


I become. We become. She becomes.



Natasha Burrowes

Spiritual Director. Educator. Writer.

For prayer requests, spiritual direction, or to be added to this listserv contact me at 

***The visual piece featured above was created by a talented Seattle artist by the name of Shurvon Haynes.  It is called "Be Encouraged and Live". View more of her art at


Eccentric Fine Arts by Design

Auntie Maya, The Princess of Wakanda, won an award at the Onyx Fine Arts Gallery 13th Anniversary Art Show!

A big THANK YOU to the 200+ people who came out today to join our Celebration of Black Joy! Special thanks to those who bought art and copies of Truth B Told. 

Congratulations to:
**First Place Winner: Earline Alston for "Autumn Showers"
**Second Place Winner: Tsehaye Hadish for "Face Of My Dreams"
**Third Place Winner: Jackie Nichols for "Out Of Africa"
**Honorable Mentions: Jim Coley for "Looking Outside"; and Shurvon Haynes and Julius Brandon for "Auntie Maya"

If you missed today's opening reception, join us next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between noon and 6pm. You can still cast your vote for the People's Choice winner up until the closing reception on July 28th.

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