Thursday, June 28, 2018

GlobalUniverse 365°

The Fine Arts Universe


The main purpose of my creative fine arts journey was to explore, navigate and document the process of using my creative drawing talent to reach the next level of the "so-called mysterious art world."  I quickly learned that I had to reach beyond the limits of the art world, and expand my creative vision into the UNIVERSE!!!

That was the reason why I designed the 365° Global Universe Changers series for people, places and creative project ideas that have impacted the whole galactic universe, from the 1970's until today 

Now that we are celebrating the New Year, I will be starting my new BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL Abstract Design Series and the 1st photo documentary of the Seattle Fine Arts Scene waiting 2 be Seen in 2018 and I am SO EXCITED about these two fine arts projects. 

My Journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts has definitely reached a new colorful level since the days of using Crayola Color Crayons in elementary school. Although, I graduated from a prestigious university and studied under world renowned "art" instructors..."I DO NOT HAVE A TRADITIONAL FINE ARTS ACADEMIC DEGREE = no BFA or MFA!!!"

Therefore my creative process and ideas are UNLIMITED and my own personal fine art journey has indeed been WONDERFUL!!!

However, I definitely had some challenges, shocks, disappointments and setbacks...but I have also been told that a "setback is nothing but a setup for a comeback," and I believe this to be a true process for trusting God to do miracles!!!

Read these blog post to get an updated summary of my fine arts journey.

As a Black African American visual artists there are many different types of obstacles to conquer while living our best life. We have to continuously rebuild our strength and stand firm in our faith everyday in an effort to believe in our creative vision. Therefore it is very important for us to uplift and encourage each other as artists because we BeDazzle the Whole Fine Arts World!!!
Summer Time in the Universe!

Original Shurvon Shaynlicia Fashion
Fine Arts Design

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