Thursday, November 29, 2018


Thank-you God, for this blessed day that you have made, may you forever be praised and glorified. This is a day of praise and thanksgiving unto you, for all that you have done and will continue to do in the universe. As a Black African-American Woman I appreciate the life, strength and energy you have placed in your people to live by faith and walk in love. It is only by your power that we can accomplish the purpose and plan that you have already prepared for us.

You oh Lord will protect us from all hurt, harm and danger. When the enemies  come in like a flood you said to lift up a standard against him in Jesus Name. Therefore, on this day we declare that we are blessed by God to live, laugh and love because we believe in miracles everyday!!!

Lord God in the Name of Jesus we Thank-You for safety and wisdom while traveling during the holidays, cold weather snow season. Increase our strength, health and wellness. Provide us with a clear creative vision and abundant blessings. We give thankfulness and gratitude as we continue to live our best life while moving forward to the next level of our future progress toward our goals, ASHE~AMEN!!!

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