Wednesday, December 4, 2019

2020 In The Presence of Black Art!!!

Thanks Be to the Lord God Almighty for Restoration of Health and Strength...we are Forever Grateful and We Give Him All the PRAISE!!!!


Living in the presence of Black Art is a magical, spiritual and historical experience.
Black Art is a visual interpretation of the African Diaspora Legacy as told by the creative people who are the descendants of our enslaved African ancestors.

We speak their names and their spirit lives through our soul as we 'Lift Our Voices' to sing, dance, paint and write about our place in this world. We are the change we have been waiting for...we are the creative visionaries that dazzle the Global Universe!

The "2020 In The Presence of Black Art" exhibit was inspired by the natural creativity of our African ancestors, Resourceful Black Americans, The Harlem Renaissance, Afrocentricity, The Civil Rights Movement and our current Millennial 
Wakanda Mentality/Technological Reality.

This exhibit will encourage us to learn resilience from the past, optimism to live in the present and preparation for the future of our "back2BLACK" African American Community. It is also an opportunity to GIVE BACK into the Soul of Blackness that motivated me as a 
Fine Arts Visionary.

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