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FEBRUARY 20, 2020

     '2020 In The Presence of Black Art' is a celebration of our existence in the universe as People of Black African descent. We are thankful for our humanity, gifted talents and love for each other. It is an acknowledgement of our self-worth and contributions to a society that has tried to decrease our human value. 

Yet, through it all, we are here because we survived, we overcame and we conquered another day in an effort to live our best life
in faith. Faith in the true and living God,
who gave us the ability to believe in His purpose and plans for us to be fulfilled. 

This new fine arts exhibit is the completion of a five year explorative journey into the art world as a young African American Woman from the historical Central District Community.

In the early 1990's gentrification started to change the Black community, it was during this time when I noticed that the respect for our civil rights was ignored. Our historical contributions to this global society were often overlooked and disregarded as not important...but that was not the final conclusion for Black People living on planet earth. We were predestined to prosper abundantly in our health, wealth and personal development.

The majority of Black People in America are the descendants of their enslaved African Ancestors who were brutally captured by european colonizers more than 400 years ago and brought to the Americas and forced to be chattel slaves. It was at this time in our global society that the Original African people begin to see themselves as inferior and their healthy self-esteem begin to fade. They became sad, depressed, fearful and hopeless from the extreme cruelty of racism. 

Despite the challenging circumstances they endured on a daily basis, they were able to continuously build a foundational legacy from their natural gifts and talents. That paved the way for future generations to expand their human potential in this world. 

Therefore, I decided to redefine my vision of the Black experience through fine art, starting with our royal legacy on the continent of Africa to our current citizenship as Black African Americans in the United States. 

The '2020 In the Presence of Black Art' series concludes my five year quest of trying to personally redefine the meaning of fine arts theory. There will be a total of 10 images made for this new art exhibit. The first image will be revealed on February 29, 2020 on my social media channel. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting artwork titled, 'Tribal Legacy,' inspired by the '85 to Africa' album from singer/rapper Jidenna.


The official art process will start on the 20th of each month from February to October. Each image will have its own identity to inspire, uplift and celebrate our Beautiful Blackness.
  1. What does it mean to be In the Presence of Black Art?
The knowledge of understanding in regards to our reality comes from being in the presence of different categories of Black Fine Art.
Giving us a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional connection to artistic expression.
  1. Why did you decide to officially start this series in February to October 2020?
The reason I chose those specific calendar months to reveal the official artwork from this new series was because both my mother and maternal grandmother were born in the month of February and I was born in October. Therefore, I believe it was predestined for me to start this artwork during the same month that we also celebrate Black African-American History in the United States.

  1. What music inspired, 'Tribal Legacy', the first picture from this new series?
Jidenna's '85 to Africa' album is an original and authentic musical story. He found it necessary to travel back to the continent of Africa in an effort to revive his own culturally creative musical gift organically. When I listened to this album, I was motivated by the style and vibe of each song. The first image from my new art series was named 'The Tribal Legacy' in honor of the African Diaspora.

  1. Why is it important for you as a visual artist to celebrate Blackness in this new art series?
I am a descendent of my African Ancestors who survived the slave trade and racial injustice in the United States so that I could be alive for such a time as this. It is now my duty as Black African American Woman living in America to make a personal contribution to our historical legacy as a fine arts visionary. This legendary art series will articulate my dreams for the future of Black People of African descent in the whole wide world.

  1. How do you define the Theory of Black Fine Art?
When I decided to reactivate my creative talent as a self-taught visual artist it was important for me to define visual art for myself, aside from what had already been researched in academic fine arts education programs. I had studied conceptual art ideas but I did not know or fully understand the basic fundamentals of art theory, art criticism and professionally trained drawing/painting techniques., Therefore I started my journey into the art world with a mission to just paint what I loved according to these four guidelines.
  • Make artwork about people, places and things that are interesting.
  • Chose art supplies that I could afford and write about the process on my blog website
  • Create a thematic visual art series about what I wanted to see, learn and remix just like a musician.
  • Combine my personal and social ideas into aesthetically pleasing visual art images that are unique and original.



20th ~ Introduction, Inspiration and Motivation..."the journey continues🏁!!!!"

Tribe (Instrumental Remix)
Jidenna's Original '85 to Africa' Album 
25th ~ 2020 Musical Soundtrack Playlist and Preview Art Exhibits in Seattle!

~Happy and Healthy Mandala at the WaNaWari Art Center in the Central District neighborhood in Seattle.

~Tribal Journey at Gallery Onyx at the Pacific Place Mall in Downtown Seattle.

~The Wonderful World of Fine Arts Radio Show with Julius and Shurvon on


29th ~ VIDEO ART EXHIBIT PREMIER of the first official art image from this new series 'THE TRIBAL LEGACY' on my social media websites.


'2020 In the Presence of Black Art' 
SHURVON, The Fine Arts Visionary

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