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My personal journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts has been all that and more, since I made the decision to be a "REAL" Artist = painting, drawing, coloring and writing about the creative adventures of a Black African-American Fine Arts Visionary!

Starting the painting process, Stopping and Starting again...I have always been very artsy, but was I really ready to present my very own pictures in galleries, museums and art exhibits? 

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Although it sounds like a good idea and it is what most professional visual artists do at some point in their Fine Arts Career, the struggle to make this decision was very real, especially since I wanted to keep almost every picture that I made for myself (and I do) sometimes.

It is also very fun and FABULOUS to be a visual artist in different community art shows with other FABULOUS visual artists. But as I climbed to the top of "Mount Art World" and started marching around I realized there were so many twists and turns that caused me to stumble down. It was only by FAITH that I was able to hold onto my vision, goals and royal crayons.

My Fine Arts Journey started in Seattle, the place where I was born and raised. My eyes have seen the Seattle Waterfront, colorful flowers and evergreen trees that are in abundance everywhere I go. My heart moves to the creative spiritual sunrise and sunset of living in the Pacific Northwest. My mind completely understands the sun, moon, stars, wind and raindrop weather that will change several times between night and day.

The Seattle Central District~Africatown, is where I am from and the firm foundation of my everlasting Fine Arts Visionary Empire. That was BUILT with the love, pain and heartache of a true survivor who has traveled the land only to discover that no other place in the whole entire universe will be able to replace my life in Seattle…

This is where my heART has a HOME, always and FOREVER!!!

As an artist it is necessary for me to be focused on the purpose and process of my fine art visionary goals. Oftentimes people will try to pressure Black Female artists to make artwork according to their stereotyped wrong motives and that is when I had to say WHOA, STOP! THAT IS NOT MY MISSION!!!! The artwork I produce is from a place of purpose, passion and priority.

When the completed picture is painted on paper or on canvas, it is already increasing in value continuously. Therefore, I'm able to design my original art images in peace, as a wonderful contribution to the global art world.

Redefining My Fine Art Vision

The new series I will be producing in my new 2023-2025 comes from a place of restoration and revival of creative energy.  I'm excited for the vision to come forth in reality, especially after this pandemic, because our viewpoint of the world is different now and our creative vision has expanded beyond my wildest dreams.

We as Black African American Visual Artists have many different types of obstacles to conquer while living our best life. We have to continuously rebuild our strength and stand firm in our faith everyday in an effort to believe in our creative vision.Therefore it is important for us to uplift and encourage each other as artists because we BeDazzle the Whole Fine Arts World!!!!"

Global Fine Art Renaissance

Globally people have reawakened their artistic talents in the last ten years and we are currently experiencing the results of their innovative ideas and inventions that have motivated future generations of people to be more confident, prosperous and prepared to live in this new socially connected community on planet EARTH.

🌍 🎨🖌️🖤🖌️🎨🌍

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