Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fine heART's 2 see, hear and do...

THURSDAY IN NEW YORK, there will be a poetry, jazz and art exhibit featuring the talented Danny Simmons the eldest brother of Russell and Joseph Simmons of RUN DMC & THE DEF JAM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY
FRIDAY = Go to a fun visual art showcase, poetry, movie, dance, or theatre play in the city where YOU live!
Visit the African Market Place at Mt. Zion Baptist Church from 11am - 5pm in the Central District. Original art, food, fellowship and fashion vendors will be in the building with various items for sale!
Go to the Afrotastic Catwalk & Afropunk art exhibit to celebrate the  fabulous brand new picture book by photographer Michael July, titled: Afropunk with images of different people wearing their naturally textured hairstyles in different types of afros with glitz and glamour! Saturday, June 28th from 7pm - 11pm at the Northwest African American Museum visit their website for more information!
Attend the C-ART GALLERY for their upcoming artists showcase featuring the extremely talented visual artists; Delton Son, Marcus Leslie and Aramis Hamer  located next door from The Hiawatha Artists Lofts starting at 3pm. Visit the C-Art Gallery website for more information.
JUNE is also 'Scoliosis Awareness Month', scoliosis is a deformed curvature of the spine into the shape of a S or C, that can cause severe backaches and lung failure for many people who have this permanent orthopaedic neurological condition.
I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age nine and wore a medical back brace before and after having orthopaedic surgery at age twelve.
I'm very thankful to everyone who helped me recover after having this very complex orthopaedic procedure and for the healing strength of God to deal with the sometimes severe aches and pains that people with scoliosis have on a daily basis.
So please, please, please see if you or your family member has scoliosis because it is very important to start an ORTHOPEDIC doctor recommended treatment plan now if possible. Although, scoliosis is a permanent medical condition, each person's curve will be different according to their body shape, age and bone density.
There are thousands of people all over the world who have scoliosis and are able to do some form of physical activity with very few limitations, but it is always best to be careful and wear comfortable shoes for walking whenever possible. For more information about scoliosis visit a local hospital, library or medical research center in the city where you live.
As a visual artists and creator of Fine Arts by Shurvon and SHAYNE Fashion and Fine Arts Designs it is wonderful to see so many new, creative, talented and innovative artists in museums and galleries. It is definitely the reason 2 LOVE this COLORFUL SEASON OF SUMMER FROM MOTHER NATURE...Eat healthy food, see fabulous fine arts, dance to good music and listen to the sound of a life worth living!

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