Monday, June 16, 2014

The Art of Spring Florality!

The art peaces made for season two: Spring Florality were intended to represent the yearly birth of mother nature. This is also the time were people have fun tea parties with lots of flowers, love and laughter is in the spring air. The paintings that were featured for this series are listed below with detailed information about each art peace.
Colorful Love; a spring florality poetry art scroll filled with inspirational affirmations and impressionist floral images. Watercolor and gouache on paper.
The Divine Sapphires; a jewel tone floral painting on canvas with gold accents. Each color reflects the various shades of the precious sapphire gemstone.
Cool Mint Tea Mandala; This art peace is a mosaic collage with decorative glass and jeweled accents.
The Fine Arts Theory Designer Series: Season Two...Spring Florality!
Colorful Love!

The Divine Sapphires

The Cool Mint Tea Mandala!

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