Monday, September 28, 2015

The Art of the Journey...

Since I started marching through my personal journey as a Fine Arts Visionary  I have found a few valuable jewels that  will be shared on this blog post.

1. I don't use the traditional color wheel formula, that is taught to art students in most BFA and MFA Fine Arts Education programs on how to use complimentary colors. I do know the basics of mixing primary colors to produce secondary colors and that's all. I have my own color choices to discover while I paint!

2. My sketches are not your sketches!

3. The final aesthetics of my art images  does not always equal the technical process. That is because the final painting has typically evolved from something else into what you actually see when it is done.

4. I always admire the technical process of other visual artists more than the final aesthetics of their artwork.

5. Every art peace has its own style and story but they are all symbolic to the Mind of the Fine Arts Visionary Redefined.

Gold Mind
Fine Arts Theory Designer Series 
Fine Arts by Shurvon

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