Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fine Arts By Shurvon 2004 ~ 2014

Ten years ago was when I started  thinking about painting more consistently.

Although I painted some art pieces before 2004, I didn't have a large amount of art ready to present for gallery or community art shows.
The process started out slow because I wasn't really sure of what subjects I would paint.

The first painting I made after making this decision was for decorative purposes using gouache paint on paper, for a painting titled Shalom. Afterward I started to get some ideas from the various books, music, people, places and things I would see daily.

A few more years went by and I received an invitation to participate in a art show at a museum. This was the first time I had the opportunity to present my art for the public to see. There was also a very specific concept that I wanted to see visualized in a painting.

I started this painting a few days before the art show because I was thinking about not participating even after I purchased all the paint supplies needed to complete this project.

After I finished the collage assemblage painting titled, Shades of Beauty! I knew that this was one of the many art styles that I would continue to make as a visual artists.
Since then I have presented in several different art festivals, online art galleries and on social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Fine Arts by Shurvon can be purchased online at under my name Shurvon Haynes or send your personal order request to

The Journey of being a visual artists has been a very inspirational experience and I'm thankful for the gifts and talents I have to create paintings for Fine Arts by Shurvon to encourage people to see the beautiful world God has created and appreciate its value! 

My 1st annual Fine Arts Theory Designer Series: Season Two...Spring Florality is now on display and can been seen at the upcoming Festival Sundiata African-American Fine Arts Celebration on June 14 - 15, 2014.
Shalom 2004

Shades of Beauty 2009

Fine Arts Visionary
2004 ~ 2014

1st year Anniversary

Fine Arts By Shurvon

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

The Holiday Season Finale

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