Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top Ten Artists Tools!!!

1. You can discover your own artists style along with any formal academic training to make important Fine Arts paintings or sculpture.
2. Several different art mediums can be used to make one Fine Arts sculpture or painting, this technique is called mixed media.
3. Every artists has a different journey towards establishing their goals within the Fine Arts world, but their perseverance to continue is the most important lesson to be learned.
4. An artists has the ability to define what success means to them personally.
5. One person's opinion does not make or break the spirit of a true visual artists.
6. The art making process may take a few minutes or a few years. There isn't a formula or expiration date on valuable artwork because it has its own original beauty and significance.
7. God was the first original visual artists everybody else just followed in his footsteps.
8. The imagination of a visual artists has a million possibilities, but only a few are revealed on canvas or on stage.
9. A visual artist has usually made their best painting(s) before they received any monetary rewards or recognition from the experts in the "art world."
10. A painting has already increased in value the minute it is purchased directly from the original artist who is able to give some details of how the art piece was made and a brief summary of what the painting is about to the admirer.

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