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There are so many artists in the world that have inspired my love of being a visual artists. Here is my list of the Artists that have influenced my life and art peaces.

1. Picasso: I can relate to his need to create and experiment with different art styles and techniques.

2. Frida Khalo: We both have experienced the pain of having intensive orthopaedic surgeries (I have scoliosis), although her injuries were more serious. I know what it is like to wear a body cast and back brace with limited mobility. I admire the way she chose to paint and document her life with creative details in the midst of her disabilities. I consider my own paintings as a visual autobiographical mystery novel on canvas. With each chapter (art peace) connecting to another to create an ongoing creative life long adventure in the art universe.

3. Annie Lee: She is a very successful visual artists whose artwork captures the everyday lifestyle of black people living in America. Her art is colorful, poetic, musical and real. One of the first world renowned artists limited edition prints to have in my personal art collection.

Faith Ringgold: Her BOLDNESS to just put the words of the people into her fabulous fine art quilts. She uses color, texture and powerful ideas to bring enlightment about social issues to the world.

4. Larry Poncho Brown and David Sketch Butler: These two contemporary African-American men are very talented visual artists who have taken the necessary time to teach others how to reach their creative goals. I'm very grateful for the knowledge they present on their social media websites

5. Synthia St. James: She really helped paved the way for contemporary black female artists to become more visible in the commercial art business. Her art is a perfect combination of a art-deco style with afrocentric themes. I love seeing her art on book covers and media advertisements.


Growing up in Seattle, Washington, I heard so much about this place called New York on television (FAME) and in music videos but it wasn't until I received my first rap/hip-hop album "The Sugar Hill Gang's Rappers Delight" inside that sky blue and rainbow ribbon design on the front album cover that I heard the sound of NEW YORK! I would play that record over and over again on my little blue and white stripped suitcase record player.

That classic rap song was my intro AND then came what I consider to be the best hip-hop break dancing movie of all time 'BEAT STREET,' I spent many summer days watching that movie along with Krush Groove and Breaking 1 & 2  with the Electric Boogie Lou! These movies were my first impression of NEW YORK LIFE (Singing, dancing, rapping, subways, cold winters, night life and colorful clothing)... My creative art journey vision had just got real, real!

7. WRITERS, POETS and SINGERS: I can see, hear and feel the words you have written from your soul onto paper or sung through your microphone. Sometimes it is just a word, phrase or the whole song that I paint on my canvas because I understood or seek to understand...

8. Artists from or currently living in Seattle, WA:

The artists from my birthplace and hometown were the first to teach me to see art in its many different forms. Before I was old enough to remember any of their names I seen their art in my community.

The most memorable being the murals on the old Randolph Carter Center, Medgar Evers Swimming Pool and the Seattle Urban League Buildings  that were a few blocks from my home in the Central District of Africatown.

Some of my family members are also visual artists and I've always thought drawing and painting was something all people knew or learned how to do like walking and talking. I was surprised when I discovered that this wasn't true but I truly believe that EVERYBODY has some level of creative ability to either sing, draw, paint, dance, sew, act or "something" they just have to find it within themselves and Just Do It. 

My own art making process got started a little slow but its definitely on the move now that l have my creative groove!

Growing up in the Central District neighborhood of Seattle, WA was and is a blessing to me everyday. I loved walking home from school or to my favorite stores, churches and beauty shops. Riding the "Joe" Metro Bus (public transportation) from one place to the other was one of the best ways to get around as a teenager living in the city. Now, that my old neighborhood has been gentrified, I am very thankful to have had my real "living" experiences in a place that was and is where my heART has a home!

Go on YouTube and look at Seattle based rapper Draze's music video "The Hood Ain't The Same" for a virtual tour of my city (Seattle, WA).

The Central District will forever and always be the place to be~CD4EVER!!!

written by Shurvon~Shaynlicia!




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