Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh what a SUMMER!

Summer has been an adventure and with only one month left, I have so much more to do but here is my best of Summer 2014 list

Attended two oh~so FABULOUS fashion shows.

Met some new people at some of the summer festival and art shows I've attended.

Made 3 new art peaces in memory of    " :-) <3 "

Ate some good ole Summer BBQ

Rediscovered something I didn't really know but now I most certainly do...ummm, ummm!!!

Danced by the water to When Doves Cry by Prince while wearing a purple dress!

Made the Oh~So FABULOUS, Red Haute Salsa, Diamonds of the Diaspora, The Midnight Soul Suite Trio, Sweet Love and GLITTER for the Summer 2 LOVE; season three series!

Starred in a live studio recording of the Modus Operandi visual artists conversation and virtual online gallery tour currently on YouTube, Gallery 31 and

Art for social change workshop featuring some good ole catered vegetarian meals

90's party and some good ole bright sunny days!

Two fabulous wedding ceremonies

So many bbq cookouts!

New art ideas and inspirations

Heard some of the best summer time songs, raps and live music I've heard in a long time.

Cherishing the <3's of life...hmmm!!!

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