Saturday, July 12, 2014

The process of Fine Arts by Shurvon!

The Fine Arts Theory Designer Series:

1. What is the Fine Art Series about?

It is based off the concept of what is considered to be real visual Fine Art.

2. Why does it have four separate seasons and sub-themes?

This process helps me to make different styles of my fine arts peaces within one main series. Therefore I can continue to create according to whatever mood, art supplies and ideas that I have on any given day for each season.

3. What type of materials do you use in your self-titled art peaces?

I use a variety of materials that include new, old and re-fashioned items from my own accessories. I also like to make art that is outside of the traditional box frame for many different reasons.

4. Where do you get your creative ideas, themes, names and inspiration?

My ideas come from many different sources that are usually combined into one main art peace.
Such as music, color combinations, fashion design, phrases, quotes and so much more.

5. Was this series your original idea?

Yes, it is my very own original concept, idea, structure and plan. I've always been encouraged to create more artwork, but no one knew when, where, why and what I was going to make once I got started. There are often times when I don't even have a clue about what I will paint or what the final image will be once its completed. My art peaces are always evolving from the beginning to the end until it is sold. 

6. What has been your biggest challenge since starting the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series?

The realization that being a visual artists can be so controversial to those who opinions never mattered.
Especially those who try to incorporate irrelevant messages and interpretations of my art peaces into something that it never was or will be.  Of course each persons will relate to each art peace differently but that's not the final definition of the image itself. It's not always that serious, sometimes I just make art for creative, decorative and interior design purposes,
and that is all.

7. What is your next series and when does it start?

My heART's Designer Series starts in January 2015. It will be a limited edition of watercolor and gouache paintings on premium paper using the Oh~So FABULOUS Chinese calligraphy paint brushes.

PAINT + BRUSH + PAPER = my heART's Designer Series coming to city near you!

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