Sunday, November 23, 2014

Art of myheART...

Fine Art is what I do!

Is your art religious? No, but there are times when I will include scriptures, images or symbols for spiritual inspiration.

I am not a preacher or a final judge over anyone's lifestyle and I don't want to be. I just make fine art according to what interests me on any given creative day.

There will always be a variety of topics, subjects and objects in my art.  My method of inspiration is common to most visual fine artists throughout the whole entire world.

~Face or no face is there a reason why this happens in some of your art peaces?

No, I truly believe that some things in life are just not that complicated to understand. Some paintings were made without facial features because it would not have been in balance with the overall completed image.

~Frames or no frames?

I prefer not to use frames in my artwork but it is sometimes a requirement for certain fine art shows.

~Black and more black?

I love the color black, I use black paint, I am black, proud to be black, black is always and forever will be a beautiful black in my mind.

"Sometimes" I may create Black Afrocentric themes in my artwork because that is a very real and important part of my life.

~To Keep or not to Keep?

There are some paintings that I intended to sale but after they were finished I decided to keep for my personal art decor or give to someone for charity.

~Inspiration, Ideas and Options

I create art according to whatever creative mood I'm in on any given day. I don't currently have a quota or assigned agenda about what I should paint. Making art was an option that I chose as a foundation for everything I have already done or will do in my future.

~Sketches and Lessons?

I am a self-taught artists, nobody has instructed me on how to draw. I rarely use props or detailed sketches. My artwork is not that rigid as I prefer to just let it shape and form itself as I create without the use of objects or live models.

The formal academic training that I studied was more about the philosophy and theory of how Fine Art can be used in other subject matters. It was not about learning the traditional technical style of drawing and painting, every artists will eventually create their own style as they become more advanced in their careers.

~To be or not to be...and that's okay with me!

I will always and forever be an visual artists regardless of the level of attention I receive from the mainstream art world. The paintings that I have in my art portfolio are already very valuable and important.


Each of my art peaces are a kaleidoscopic reflection of myself and the world around me from different angles.

~ Mind, emotions or politics?

Sometimes one, sometimes none, sometimes all three, sometimes I just let it be free for the eye to see.

~Happy, Sad, Angry, Glad?

As an Black African-American woman it is often assumed that everything we do comes from a place of anger but that is not entirely true. My mind contains the same five senses, intellectual ingredients and human emotions as all other visual artists of other ethnicities. 

My happiness is greater than my sadness and that is because I believe in the healing power of prayer, meditation and painting.  God is always faithful in all of life's challenges.

~Read, Write and Paint!


Written by Shurvon-Shaynlicia, The Fine Arts Visionary!!!

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