Friday, November 14, 2014

The Fine Art of being an Artists

This article was written especially for those who are on their visual art journey as a painter, sculpture or designer. It is from my perspective and experiences as a Black African-American artists from Seattle, Washington.

Once I made the decision to paint and create more artwork for my own personal interior design purposes and for commercial display (art shows, galleries, etc). I made a few discoveries about what it means to be a visual artists. Here is a list of some helpful  tools that are necessary to expand your creative vision.

1. Create the PAINTINGS that you see in YOUR spirit, mind, soul and body according to your personal style, art supplies and experience.

2. See yourself as a long-term artists of many different subjects, paint mediums and creative ideas. The artwork you make is a valuable form of creative education and social exchange.

3. Attend several art workshops and webinars, there are so many websites dedicated to providing resources for artists, visit or to get started. Also go to museums and galleries in your city to keep your creative vision alive.

4. Don't limit your definition of success and always expand your creative goals and options in all of the Fine Art forms.

5. Remember that you are the artists and to always keep a few paintings for your own encouragement.

Written by Shurvon-Shaynlicia, The Fine Arts Visionary!!!

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