Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Wonderful World of FABULOUS FINE ARTS FOREVER...


Fine Arts by Shurvon was created by "ME" visual artists, Shurvon Haynes, the Fine Arts Visionary of many creative projects that includes: collage paintings, creative writing, fashionable jewelry designs and blogging about the importance of fine arts education on my social media and websites.

The details of my journey into the 'Wonderful World of Fine Arts, From Color crayons to Gesso Canvas' will be written in my first book, until then I will be making some original art made with paint, color pencils, markers and crayons on paper for the new 'Fabulous Fine Arts Forever Series'
Original Art made by Shurvon Haynes
Although, I was blessed with a talent to paint, draw and design my own creative style. I was also inspired by the artwork made by my aunt and uncle whose art images are included in the 'In Honor Of' collage painting.
K. Haynes, L. Haynes and Shurvon Haynes

Original Art made by Shurvon Haynes

Original Art made by L. Haynes

Original Art made by K. Haynes

 Original art image print by K. Haynes with collage designs by Shurvon Haynes
My creative Fine Arts journey officially started in the year 2008, after reading two books, 'Art for Social Change,' written by my former college professor Beverly Naidus and another written by one of my favorite writers of all time, bell hooks, titled 'Art on My Mind.' Their writings about the importance of creative fine arts really helped me to define the style of artwork that I wanted to make, something that is, personal, historical, educational, authentic, original and sometimes "political, religious, emotional and fashionable" = "ALL THE THINGS I LIKE!"

Starting with my 1st series, 'myheARTchanged,' the paintings in this series include, Shades of Beauty, The Lotus Healing Bowl and I'm Every Woman!

'I'm Every Woman'
Original Art by Shurvon Haynes

 The Fine Arts Theory Designer Series officially started in 2014, with the first seasonal episode titled:"The End of WINTER," the paintings for this series include, The Harvest of Abundance and WINTER.

      The Harvest of Abundance

                                                   Original Artwork by Shurvon Haynes

My heART's Designer'- 2015, this series was supposed to be 25 individual watercolor paintings on paper of the 25 reasons i love art, but...I only made three pictures before I decided to make just one surrealist drawing on a large piece of canvas fabric, for more information about this original artwork read my previous blog post.

25 reasons i love ART!
Original Art by Shurvon Haynes

The Art of Fashion Design - 2016, this series will include three large canvas paintings of men and women wearing the fashion design clothing styles worn since human creation, after the African Diaspora until now in the year of 2016. It will also include small drawings on paper of the fashion styles worn in each decade since the 1800's that will be compiled into a limited edition fashion magazine. The first  original collage paintings for this series will be featured at the African-American Art Festival Sundiata this summer in Seattle, WA.

My other creative art series is the Designer Art Signature Series, individual art images made on a 12 x 12 paper, canvas or wood board of whatever I decide to paint on any given day. Please note the paintings made for this year only will be on 8 x 10 canvas boards. Original Art from this series includes, The Spirit of a Woman, Lady and The Gentleman and 'I Will Survive,' collage art paintings made by Shurvon Haynes with Julius Brandon's Custom Jewelry Designs, that was on display at the Street Bean Coffee Shop for the Belltown Art Walk.

 Lady and The Gentleman

Ju's Custom Jewelry Designs

 I Will Survive!