Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Finale Final...

The Fine Arts Theory Finale Final...

Who can produce a work of art? Whomever has the ability to draw, paint, sew, sculpt, act, dance or sing. They also have a choice to either present their art on a public platform or remain low-key according to their comfort level.

What is a artists? Artists are people who use different forms of creative visual expressions to communicate their thoughts, actions and their interpretation of the world around them.

Some use paint, pencils, pens, fabrics or objects to create what they have seen, heard, feel or understood in their mind for others to observe.

They may also produce their creative talent in a way that is entertaining and musical to explain several different messages about love, war, social and political topics.

When is an artists considered a real artists?
That is for the artists themselves to decide according to their skill development and dedication to their creative goals.

Where should an artists perform, produce and present their work of art?
There are many different opportunities for artists to share their talent and sometimes they have to create their own.

Why is fine art important? Fine Art has the same importance as reading, writing, math, science and technology.

How does an artists maintain their creativity? An artists can increase their creative fine art skills by studying and practicing their talent(s) as they are able.

What does an artists want their audience to receive from their art?

It is not always about "want" because everybody does not receive, appreciate or see art the same.

The artists themselves have already completed their goal and mission of producing their specific art form that can now be presented through several different options of digital, print, social media or live on a theater stage to whomever wants to see and values the results of their creative process.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

From Year 2 Year...

The Top Twelve of 2014...

January:                                          Presented the new paintings from the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series.

Hosted the Black African-American Visual Artists Showcase.

My first month long Fine Arts Theory Designer Series Solo Exhibition.

Finally painted some fruit bowls and flowers.

May:                                                           R.I.P to the Legendary Maya Angelou, a true dedicated artists.

Featured artists at the Festival Sundiata African-American Art Showcase.

Painted the Oh~So FABULOUS series for scoliosis awareness month.

Featured guest on a YouTube video about visual artists made by JEG Media Productions.

Made my first self-portrait painting and "I Will Live" for those who survived serious life challenges.

Hosted a visual art party and made commemorative art peace's in honor of the Million Women March on October 25, 1997.

November:                                          Created the Fine Arts By Shurvon Facebook Page(s) that include The New Healthy Heart and Mind, The B.E.S.T Station, Fashion Designs for You, Black Visual Artists, Musicians and Entertainers.

Completed the Fine Arts Theory Designer 2014 Series with the Holiday Season Finale!!!

January 15, 2015!

Starting the 52-steps towards success fine arts program and painting new art peaces for the 2nd Annual myheART's Designer Series, titled:

25 reasons i love art...

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Holiday Season Finale...

Fine Arts By Shurvon presents the

Fine Arts Theory Designer Series

Holiday Season Finale!!!

Sassy Spicy and Soul Sweet..

This series was made to celebrate the sophisticated fashions of women who like to dress-up and look their best.

Whether they're going to church, work, shopping or just walking down the street they are beautiful in the eyes of everyone they meet.

They have no time for jealous, envious haters, so just say good-bye or call them back later when your mind gets healed from praying all night for a better understanding about how Dressing-Up and Looking Good is ALL RIGHT!!!

Sweet Spice

"The my heART ANGELS"

Holiday Season

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fine Arts By Shurvon

There are approximately 140 Original Fine Art Peace's made by the original artists Shurvon "Shaynlicia" Haynes between the years 2005~2014. 

This number does not include the Lady Shayne jewelry, poetry and unpublished paintings that are also a part of the Fine Arts by Shurvon portfolio.

Please note there are NO AUTHORIZED PRINTS or DUPLICATES of any of these art peaces, unless they have been signed and given directly to the owner from the original artists only.

Ifyou did not purchase your Fine Arts by Shurvon paintings directly from the artists or from the website, you don't have a genuine original authentic art painting or print.

Thanks for following the Fine Arts Theory Designer 2014 Series, the journey has been real and it will continue next year...stay tuned for more details about the 2015:

"my heART's Designer Series"


(Paint + Paper + Brushes) = 25 Reasons I Love Art!!!

This year long series will also include a illustrative book and video.


Monday, December 1, 2014


~more art images will be added soon~

I was recently asked to make a new
art peace for each day during the month of December. The art peaces that I plan to make will be separate from the art that I have made for the Fine Arts Theory Designer and Holiday Greeting Card 2014-2015 Series.

This December Art Exhibit will be titled, "SOUL MUSIC" and it will only be on display at


















Thursday, November 27, 2014

We are a Living Legacy...

We are alive on this earth today to live, love, laugh, learn and share the gifts and talents that God has given for us to improve the world daily.

It is our purpose to be thankful and God's plan for us to be healthy, whole and secure in His Love.
It is God's will for His people to be safe from all hurt, harm and danger.

Men and Women were designed to live and complete there goals within their lifetime. It is written that "He will never leave us or forsake us..." because our lives are very important. That is why he wakes us up every morning and blesses us each day.

We are very Thankful and Grateful this Holiday Season because are lives really do matter, we are worthy of respect and an extremely valuable part of the whole entire universe.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Art of myheART...

Fine Art is what I do!

Is your art religious? No, but there are times when I will include scriptures, images or symbols for spiritual inspiration.

I am not a preacher or a final judge over anyone's lifestyle and I don't want to be. I just make fine art according to what interests me on any given creative day.

There will always be a variety of topics, subjects and objects in my art.  My method of inspiration is common to most visual fine artists throughout the whole entire world.

~Face or no face is there a reason why this happens in some of your art peaces?

No, I truly believe that some things in life are just not that complicated to understand. Some paintings were made without facial features because it would not have been in balance with the overall completed image.

~Frames or no frames?

I prefer not to use frames in my artwork but it is sometimes a requirement for certain fine art shows.

~Black and more black?

I love the color black, I use black paint, I am black, proud to be black, black is always and forever will be a beautiful black in my mind.

"Sometimes" I may create Black Afrocentric themes in my artwork because that is a very real and important part of my life.

~To Keep or not to Keep?

There are some paintings that I intended to sale but after they were finished I decided to keep for my personal art decor or give to someone for charity.

~Inspiration, Ideas and Options

I create art according to whatever creative mood I'm in on any given day. I don't currently have a quota or assigned agenda about what I should paint. Making art was an option that I chose as a foundation for everything I have already done or will do in my future.

~Sketches and Lessons?

I am a self-taught artists, nobody has instructed me on how to draw. I rarely use props or detailed sketches. My artwork is not that rigid as I prefer to just let it shape and form itself as I create without the use of objects or live models.

The formal academic training that I studied was more about the philosophy and theory of how Fine Art can be used in other subject matters. It was not about learning the traditional technical style of drawing and painting, every artists will eventually create their own style as they become more advanced in their careers.

~To be or not to be...and that's okay with me!

I will always and forever be an visual artists regardless of the level of attention I receive from the mainstream art world. The paintings that I have in my art portfolio are already very valuable and important.


Each of my art peaces are a kaleidoscopic reflection of myself and the world around me from different angles.

~ Mind, emotions or politics?

Sometimes one, sometimes none, sometimes all three, sometimes I just let it be free for the eye to see.

~Happy, Sad, Angry, Glad?

As an Black African-American woman it is often assumed that everything we do comes from a place of anger but that is not entirely true. My mind contains the same five senses, intellectual ingredients and human emotions as all other visual artists of other ethnicities. 

My happiness is greater than my sadness and that is because I believe in the healing power of prayer, meditation and painting.  God is always faithful in all of life's challenges.

~Read, Write and Paint!


Written by Shurvon-Shaynlicia, The Fine Arts Visionary!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

myheART of Thankfulness...

This year I am so thankful for the Fine Arts and the gift of life, love and laughter it has brought to many people all over the World!!!

Thank you! God for giving us the gift of creativity and the ability to experience living more colorfully!!!

Here is a list of my favorite Fine Art performances, plays, songs, dancers, authors, poets and visual artists...

The Black Nativity
Alvin Ailey Dancers
The Dance Theatre of Harlem
Neo Soul Music
Old School R&B
70's Funkadelic

Old School and contemporary gospel

Contemporary Opera

Maya Angelou and bell hooks
Inspirational books, journals and songs
Art galleries and museums
The great outdoors and the sound of the ocean
Creative Culinary Arts Chefs with seasoning skills to prepare wonderful meals.
Visual artists, painters and sculptors
Cosmetics make-up and fashion designers

International Music and Dance Groups

Live bands who play live music with real instruments!!!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014



Diversity has many different meanings but in the context of this blogpost it is being used to include more artists from other ethnicities into the mainstream fine arts scene, especially those of African descent. Many times Black artists have been pressured to make fine art that shows only one side of the African-American experience centered around the slave trade/civil rights and black power movement. 

Although this is a very, very important part of world history, there are many more accomplishments and topics that artists of African descent have to share with the world through their artistry that are just as real and true in their world right now.

For so many centuries our historical past, intellectual ideas and daily observations have been reinterpreted through another person's perception based upon the assumption of their "superior" intelligence. That is often biased according to their internal prejudices or a devaluation of its creative significance.

As a result there have been numerous movies, theatre productions and "non-fiction" books written without the proper facts, sequence of events or cultural context. However, when an artists is able to articulate their own form of creativity through any of the Fine Arts categories, the audience will usually receive a better adaptation of the actual events or real experiences displayed in an a variety  of fine art forms.


The realization, acknowledgement and understanding that "people of color" have different viewpoints based upon their personal cultural experiences that should be reflected in more fine arts education programs.

The ability and determination to create specific opportunities in the fine arts that are inclusive of different social, cultural and religious beliefs. In an effort to educate the audience beyond their preconceived or stereotypical assumptions.

Why is this topic important?

The topic of including Diversity in more Fine Arts Education and Performances is important because it gives more people from different places the opportunity to express there creative talents to a wider audience.

This also allows the artists to establish themselves and brand, as they become more famous to prevent being duplicated or manufactured into a stereotypical image of something or someone else.

When an artists can express their own brand of originality to present through song, dance, painting and poetry it gives their individual art projects validation and credibility. This is an important process for those who want to have an authentic presence in the Fine Arts World.

This blog was written in response to a community sponsored workshop I attended about Creating Change, in Fine Arts Education and Performance.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Fine Art of being an Artists

This article was written especially for those who are on their visual art journey as a painter, sculpture or designer. It is from my perspective and experiences as a Black African-American artists from Seattle, Washington.

Once I made the decision to paint and create more artwork for my own personal interior design purposes and for commercial display (art shows, galleries, etc). I made a few discoveries about what it means to be a visual artists. Here is a list of some helpful  tools that are necessary to expand your creative vision.

1. Create the PAINTINGS that you see in YOUR spirit, mind, soul and body according to your personal style, art supplies and experience.

2. See yourself as a long-term artists of many different subjects, paint mediums and creative ideas. The artwork you make is a valuable form of creative education and social exchange.

3. Attend several art workshops and webinars, there are so many websites dedicated to providing resources for artists, visit or to get started. Also go to museums and galleries in your city to keep your creative vision alive.

4. Don't limit your definition of success and always expand your creative goals and options in all of the Fine Art forms.

5. Remember that you are the artists and to always keep a few paintings for your own encouragement.

Written by Shurvon-Shaynlicia, The Fine Arts Visionary!!!