Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Finale Final...

The Fine Arts Theory Finale Final...

Who can produce a work of art? Whomever has the ability to draw, paint, sew, sculpt, act, dance or sing. They also have a choice to either present their art on a public platform or remain low-key according to their comfort level.

What is a artists? Artists are people who use different forms of creative visual expressions to communicate their thoughts, actions and their interpretation of the world around them.

Some use paint, pencils, pens, fabrics or objects to create what they have seen, heard, feel or understood in their mind for others to observe.

They may also produce their creative talent in a way that is entertaining and musical to explain several different messages about love, war, social and political topics.

When is an artists considered a real artists?
That is for the artists themselves to decide according to their skill development and dedication to their creative goals.

Where should an artists perform, produce and present their work of art?
There are many different opportunities for artists to share their talent and sometimes they have to create their own.

Why is fine art important? Fine Art has the same importance as reading, writing, math, science and technology.

How does an artists maintain their creativity? An artists can increase their creative fine art skills by studying and practicing their talent(s) as they are able.

What does an artists want their audience to receive from their art?

It is not always about "want" because everybody does not receive, appreciate or see art the same.

The artists themselves have already completed their goal and mission of producing their specific art form that can now be presented through several different options of digital, print, social media or live on a theater stage to whomever wants to see and values the results of their creative process.

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