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Season Two...Spring Florality!


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The Fine Arts Designer Series: Season Two...Spring Florality =

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The Black Woman's mind is filled with so
much creative, excellent, resourceful, positive, healthy living and wisdom. It
should never be compared, debased or devalued according to society's negative
opinion of their capabilities and intentions.
Despite the strategic attacks against their mind, body, spirit and soul...we continue to rise and live our best life! How
dare anyone make us feel that we have to act less than who God created us to be
which is healthy, happy and wise! We don’t have to be depressed, stressed and
down-trodden, just to make someone else feel better about themselves and looked
down upon to feed their own false sense of superiority and low-self esteem.
That is not why we were put on this earth,
we are here to prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper and that
means so much more than just having material wealth. We were built to stand
tall and walk strong. Our lives don't stop being beautiful and wonderful if we
lost a job, spouse, childless or become overweight.
OUR BEST SELVES in all life situations! That
is why you were blessed with your abilities nor should you be trying to
hinder or be jealous of someone else  growing
into their greatness at whatever stage they are in the during the process.
Our black womanhood is not  just defined by misery, despair and bad
attitudes all the time. We have seasons of happiness, sadness, madness and
gladness just like every other human being on this planet.
We no longer have to
prove our self-worth or be made to feel that we are less than worthy because of
our darker skin tone, hair texture, eye color, language dialect, social status,
intellectual abilities, fashion sense, family, culture and regional
Everybody has had their share of stress and struggle in this society, therefore that
whole method of trying to compare life challenges in an effort to prove who
deserves to be blessed is despicable
God has a plan for everybody’s life that is
why we are here on this earth and we will be blessed according to what is needed for us
individually which makes jealousy, envy and presumptuous pride just plain ole
DUMB!…Don’t allow another persons negative opinion of who they assume you
should be or act according to your age, wage or stage in this world be
implanted into your mentality. Their word is not the final authority over your
life. It doesn’t matter who they are, career status or who they are with,
because social status, health and wealth are temporary attributes they
do not
permanently define anybody’s life long capabilities or value.
Our beauty has always been and will continue
to be beautiful, that is not a secret, surprise or new discovery that needs to
be under review or proven…IT IS A FACT!!! That is why so much energy is being used to make
us feel less than who were created to be as black women in all are areas of our
life, not just according to our marital, motherhood or financial status.
It is often assumed that we have to be
constantly assured of our looks, x-ual acrobats, network structure and perfect
behavior in order to be of any acceptable purpose, but that is simply not true!
We as black women will not be the targeted subject of these damaging experimental
mind games and exploitive malicious attacks against our humanity for
the next 400 hundred years (NO-NO and NO AGAIN!). We don't have to be forced into the fanatical character portrayals of a strangers stereotypical movie script role play when out in public or in private social settings. We don't have to be forced to complete the presumptive teleprojected sentences of intrusive and repetitious questioning of private matters to random people regardless of their job title and social status for unknown reasons.

We as black women will not be pressured into the uncomfortable position of playing false relationship games were we are often the uninformed, targeted  and unprotected victim of another person's scary imagination that  could put us in a emotional and physically  harmful situation.

We don't have to have a shrink wrapped personality in the presence of other people to make them feel powerful especially if they are rude, arrogant with a unrelenting need for admiration from others because of their social, marital, religious and intellectual status. Real leaders don't require fake motivation and artificial compliments. Natural confidence is internal without all the extra theatrical performances, animation, forceful undertones and dramatic status declarations, it's just too much!
We as black women deserve equal compensation, acknowledgment of ideas, the freedom to protect, defend and be fully informed to make personal decisions according to all  formal agreement options and choices that pertain to our existence. 

Our skin color, female and social status
will no longer be three strikes against us, they will now represent THE THREE
BLACK PEARLS IN OUR ROYAL CROWN, because contrary to popular belief we do deserve our place in this race, especially since it was
our precious human cargo that was exported to this nation and used to build
this establishment we call the United States of America. This makes our
citizenship, contributions and entitled civil rights justified, validated and permanently
solidified in the concrete structure of this earth where the blood of our
ancestors was deposited for next future generations to withdraw from the abundant life of what is needed
for us all to exhale and breathe until our final day on this earth!
PLEASE NOTE: This blogs post may appear to be filled with bold words, adjectives and descriptions about the issues of Black African-American women however the persecution, affliction, trickery, abuse against them for more than 400 hundred years was ten times bolder and that is why the same level of boldness has been applied to correct and heal the dam
age that has been done to them in many areas of their lives because they are valuable members of this universe.

Written for the enlightenment of International Women's Month!
Art & photo Images by SAH

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With Gratitude and Thankfulness
Fine Arts By Shurvon presents to you...
Fine Arts Theory Designer Series

Featured Artist: Shurvon ‘Shaynlicia’ Haynes
The Fine Arts Theory Designer Series:

This series was created to reflect my journey as a visual artist by trying to understand the random “NOUNS” of life through painting and abstract design. This creative conceptual artwork series has been on my mind for many years, with an occasional painting here or there as a personal creative outlet. However my love of all things related to Fine Arts started at a very young age where I was able to see the skill of making a completed piece of visual artwork for public viewing by one of my relatives who has worked on several public art installations in Seattle. In addition to artwork I also love modern dance, theatre, fashion design, jewelry making, international cuisine, books, books, books and more books. Making the HCC-Library Gallery a perfect place to have my first solo art exhibit for this series. The FINE ARTS THEORY: Season One…The End of Winter!
The International Public Art Quilt by JEG and Shurvon Haynes ~ 2013
This is a canvas square quilt that was initially created as part of a fundraising project for the Artist 2 Africa campaign. Each image reflects a message from community member articipants that were then converted into an visual image that was hand painted by the artists and compiled into one large peace of artwork and presented to the Artist Alliance Gallery in Accra, Ghana.

 *Each of these art peaces are originals without prints unless otherwise noted or featured at:
Strength ~ 2013 This is a collage acrylic painting that features an original poem  written by the artist several years ago. This particular image has several different meanings to the artist and to the viewer. Strength is a painting that reflects manhood, protection, wisdom, guidance and the plight of a soldier in the many different categories of life which include national and civilian military regimes also the veterans of all national and international armed forces who risked their lives fighting in world wars. (THE ORIGINAL IS NOT FOR SALE) Similar replicas can be made for special orders – sale price would be based upon size, style and materials used.

Gold in the Wind ~ 2013 This collage painting was part of a few random peaces of artwork that I made by using canvas fabric that was cut into various pieces and assembled into abstract fashion designs. The canvas was partially painted prior to assembly using the inkblot technique which I found to be helpful in making blended colorful designs. The remaining part of the dress was painted by using antique gold paint with a black water-rinsed dry brush which gives it a taffeta fabric texture. The back ground is made with decorative sand mixed with black acrylic paint and with antique gold run-off water. This artwork was named after it was completed because of its symbolism to the movie “Gone with the Wind” and charred sugar cane leaves which are often called “Black Gold.”

  • Winter ~ 2013 Acrylic, spray paint, broken glass and sand on a wood board. The different shades of blue were created by mixing and matching all of the blue paint that I had and using decorative sand to give it some texture, each color was applied by hand and topped with some broken glass that was spray painted to add contrast with the metallic blue paint underneath. The name Winter speaks for itself.
  • Health & Healing Bowl ~ 2012 This is one of the few 3-D objects that I created by using sand mixed with black paint and cowry shells. The gold lotus flower type shell in the center has various different meanings in several world religious and ethnic groups to  symbolize creation, rebirth, reality and the sun. The handles of this stainless steel "refashioned” wok are wrapped with cotton muslin and elephant beads for strength. Recommended reading: Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit by Queen Afua.
  • Gold Tones ~ 2013 This image reflects the silhouette of a women’s face with gold hair highlights and wearing one earring that was done by using an acrylic/spray paint technique which   mixes together to create a unique design.
  • Love in the Midst of the Sea ~ 2012 This is a 3-part painting that includes an original poem written by the artist, a handcrafted message in a blue glass art deco vase and a black sand textured frame of a handmade paper painting titled “LOVE,” a term that has various meanings worldwide but is a common necessity of life along with fresh water, clean air and healthy food that must be handled with the freedom of care.
  • Black will always be Beautiful ~ 2014 The terms ‘black is beautiful’ and ‘my black is beautiful’ have been used to define the natural variety of skin tones of people from African descent who have been severely persecuted, mentally afflicted and emotionally wounded for centuries by those who for unnecessary reasons despise their GOD MADE ORIGINAL darker skin color, strong mentality and creative skills. But despite the disdain they continue to live; appreciate, value and cherish all of their human qualities far above society’s negative opinions.
  • Gold Mind ~ 2013 Mixed Media on wood board to symbolize the success, ability and wisdom of the mind…Selah-Shalom = pause, think and “peacefully-mine” your valuable thoughts of creativity.

    BLKSHYNYSTRSNNYBLLA ~ Lady Shaynlicia (NOT FOR SALE) Customized hat images can be made based upon your own personal hat fashions, prices may vary according to size and materials needed to assemble each one-of-a-kind original design. 

  • SUMMER 1~ 2014 A lady wearing a afro puffball hairstyle and big earrings.
  • SUMMER 2 LUV… ~ 2014 A colorful image of a woman wearing a afro hairstyle w/ flower, bright clothes who is ready to welcome the Summer Season of Love.
 Q&A  (What influenced your artwork and style for this series)

My artwork is somewhat based upon the concept of how fashion clothing designs change according to the seasonal climates and geographical region of the consumer. I am from Seattle where we have all four weather seasons that are reflected in my artwork in regards to the color, style and materials that are used, this allows me to express my EVERLASTING LOVE FOR FASHION, MAKE-UP, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES through my art images!
Do you name your art peace's before or after they are completed?
Usually afterwards unless it was a specific name that had inspired me to make the painting from the start. However, there still may be several different name changes before I make a final selection. Each painting will mean something different to every viewer, but some of the meanings will continue to be defined, allowing for each peace of art to have its own originality because they were not created to represent just one established idea or concept. This definitely pertains to most of  the male and female images that are typically a combination of a variety of different features, NOT JUST ONE person unless otherwise stated by (Shurvon A Haynes) the orginal artist.
 As the art director and creator of this art exhibit what has this journey been like for you?
It is very similar in theory for me personally to climbing a mountain, which I’m sure can be a very physical, spiritual and emotional experience between the challenge of stopping in the middle or going forward to the top of Mt. Art-World ready to paint, draw and design more one-of-a-kind art peaces. 


The biggest misconception of artwork is that it is always directly related to a "specific" person, place or thing according to someone else's misguided preconceived stereotypical assumptions of the artists capabilities, purpose and reasons for making innovative Fine Arts. Another myth is that visual artists should challenge themselves by having envious competition with other visual artists "This does not work for most artist because they don't operate according to those type of negative motivation strategies.

By: Shurvon ‘shaynlicia’ Haynes
A visual display of eccentric art "peaces" by fine arts visionary Shurvon Haynes. This exhibit features images that reflect her past, present and future journey as an African-American Black female artist in the 21st century. Each art-peace is a visual interpretation of the people, places, words and things that has had a significant impact on the artists at some point in her life. This exhibit is a combination of history, herstory, love, nature, intellect, spirit, mind, soul and fashion. It is also the beginning of the artists first Fine Arts Designer Series that will be created according to the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Making this exhibit innovative, colorful and spontaneous in its constructive concepts.

For more information about this series, please visit

Please read the article listed in
Highline Community College
 Thunderword Campus Newspaper for March 13, 2014, pg. 9

This message has been brought to you by 
SHAYNE Fashion & Fine Art Designs
Fine Arts Visionary!

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The real human race of people whose lives and families were sacrificed for this country and the well deserved improvement for the treatment of Black African-American women who were kidnapped, enslaved, violently abused mentally/emotionally/physically while forced into cruel and unusual slave labor for 400 hundred years to establish this country and who are still being mistreated in society every single day! Because they are considered unworthy non-humans by those who are not thankful and grateful for the well documented sacrifices, contributions and accomplishments of the enslaved Africans and black people residing in the United States that has been more than enough to cover the civil and equality rights of all the future African-American black generations of male and female descendants in the United States for the next thousand years. HOW DARE ANYONE CHALLENGE THE RIGHTS OF BLACK PEOPLE HAVING RETROACTIVE REPARATIONS, RECOGNITION OF LEGAL CITIZENSHIP, RECIEVING PROPER COMMUNITY SOCIAL SERVICES AND EQUAL SOCIAL RESPECT STATUS IN THIS COUNTRY THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN EARNED AND OVER PAID WITH ACCRUED INTEREST by their enslaved AFRICAN ANCESTORS, CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS AND THEIR RACIALLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST LIVING RELATIVES based upon false theories of inferiority and inhumanity...Serious changes in our political society must be made IMMEDIATELY TO STOP the racial injustices, unnecessary police brutality cases, devious incarceration methods, blatant healthcare and workplace discrimination practices, cowardly and maliciously invasive mind control tactics against people of color by those who are spreading HATRED towards others. WE THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CAN AND WILL DO A BETTER JOB OF ENCOURAGING WOMEN TO BE ALIVE, HEALTHY, SAFE AND LIVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!