Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lady and The Gentlemen!

Designer Art Signature Series. Number 7 
by Shurvon A. Haynes ©2015.

The Original Sketch by Shurvon~Shaynlicia

JU's Custom Jewelry Designs 

The Lady and the Gentlemen in Las Vegas!!!
Designer Art Signature Series. Number 7 
Fine Arts by Shurvon
Collage Assemblage Fine Arts Painting with Ju's Customized Jewelry Designs by Julius Brandon


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Exactly 25 years ago I was wearing dental and back braces while I was going places...Today, I am using a wheelchair, walker and wearing a leg brace while walking at a steady pace because NOW I have a permanent space IN THIS COLORFUL FINE ARTS RACE!

I am a SCOLIOSIS SURVIVOR, it is a permanent curvature of the back spine and rib cage. Each person with scoliosis will have different types of symptoms depending on where the curve is located on the back and their age. There are also many different ways to treat the nerve damage, crippling pain and increased skeletal bone structure movement that a scoliosis spinal curve can cause in other parts of the human body. 

SCOLIOSIS is not the same as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, sarcoidosis, bone cancer or having a slip disc. Therefore it cannot be cured with the same medical procedures. It is very important to see a professional orthopedic doctor for the best quality long-term care. Most people may have to wear a back brace or have corrective surgery. 

I have worn a back brace and had back surgery when I was only 12 years old. I now have permanent metal screws, pins and rods in my back to keep my spine from curving into a s or c shape but there will always be a slight curve in my back. God has blessed me with the best medical team and I will always be forever thankful for His healing power, grace and mercy. 

I also broke my ankle 6 months ago and again God has been faithful in providing the best quality care, equipment and medical treatment that was necessary for me to walk again. 

I am very grateful and thankful to see new treatment programs, technology and research about SCOLIOSIS, because it is a very serious and life long condition. Everyday is a new journey for people with scoliosis and sometimes the physical pain is beyond understanding. There will definitely be some days where you cannot physically move and there will also be good days. 

If you had or currently have a serious medical condition, disability or surgical procedure always believe and have faith in God for the Healing Power to restore your body, mind and soul to be healthier. 

Men and Women who have Scoliosis are survivors and victorious every single day of their lives, when your recovery seems tough ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME and that OUR BACKS MATTER!!!

The Fine Arts Journey of Shurvon-Shaynlicia will continue!!!

PAINT + PAPER + PAINT BRUSH = 25 REASONS i LOVE ART ~ The 2nd myheART's Designer Series for 2015.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Very Important People

Why Does Black Lives Matter?

ANSWER: Black Men and Women are very important people living on this earth. It is important for them to live in good health and safety from hurt, harm and danger. God made all black people
with dark skin tones to be accepted and treated as human beings just like all other people living in the whole entire universe.

It is not God's will for us to be bullied, abused and killed because we have Black Skin. According to God's Word (The Holy Bible),  in the book of Psalms 139 - we were created with excellence and wisdom.

GOD LOVE US and wants us to be thankful for the blessings that He will provide for us to live, prosper and be in good health everyday!


This is the life long plan that God has already established for our lives and no weapon formed against us shall prosper and NOTHING can separate us from the Love that God has for us to WALK in FAITH and live the PURPOSED FILLED LIFE!!!

Ten Most Important Blessings of Being Black!

1. We Love Our Humanity
2. We Are Important
3. We Believe in Ourselves
4. We have made Important Contributions to the World Everyday
5. God has given us a Future and a Hope
6. Our Lives are Worth Saving
7. We are Creative
8. We Have Healthy Minds
9. We are Thankful
10. We are Valuable!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

heART OF FAITH...the journey continues!!!

After many years I have finally decided to launch my very own social media editorial page.

This new addition to the Shurvon-Shaynlicia Fashion and Fine Arts Designs is just one of the many new creative developments to get started in the near future.

This Summer has been filled with FABULOUS food, fun and fellowship! It has also been the most creative fine art season of this year. I have attended several art shows, festivals, bbq's and live music concerts.

Special thanks to all those who have followed My Fine Arts By Shurvon blog and who have purchased my one of a kind original collage assemblage paintings. I truly appreciate your support as I am 'literally' walking by faith through my personal journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts. 

This part of my Fine Arts Journey has been the most challenging because I broke my ankle and have had to use a wheelchair, rollater walker, walking cane and Faith in God to continue believing, trusting and achieving my creative fine art goals.

Although, I knew at a very young age that I would be an visual artists, I did not know when, what, where, why or how it was going to happen. Especially after I heard and read about all of the obstacles that so many African-American male and female creative visual artists have had to overcome.

However, it is my purpose and plan as an Fine Arts Blog Journalists to continuously make new art projects and creative writings for those who can appreciate the Fine Art of being an Artists!