Saturday, September 6, 2014

Queen of the Fall Fiesta!

The colors that represent the Fall Season are my most favorite of all time. Nothing can replace the presence of the natural earth tones of reddish brown, golden yellow, burnt orange, rusted copper and pewter bronze.

It is so beautiful how the tree leaves seem to automatically know when to change colors and fall to the ground in a mosaic pattern of loveliness.

This image is from my childhood memory of growing up in a neighborhood where big maple trees used to cover each side of the street.

It was also one of my weekend chores to gather the sepia tinted leaves into huge piles that my friends and I would then jump around inside to hear them crunch and crumble.

That story represents the inspiration of the "Fall Fiesta," season four from the last part of the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series. 

Each collage painting will depict the textured kaleidoscope of things that are torn, spilled or fall down and then turned into something beautiful for all to see its splendor.

The Fall Fiesta art peaces will be on display starting Sunday, September 7, 2014 at Katy's Corner Cafe in the Central District of Seattle, WA a place where myheART always has a home!
             ~Fall Fiesta Queen~

"We are all one color many different shades. Sienna, Mahogany, Cinnamon and Gold. Brilliant, Bright Bodacious and Bold."

The Summer 2 LOVE was a beautiful dream but now it's time for the reign of the Fall Fiesta Queen.

"She has no reason to be sad, heartbroken and bitter; because she is a jewel that shines in a gold mind with a laugh like a belle and a soul that sparkles like glitter."

             FALL FIESTA
    September to December

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