Monday, September 8, 2014

This Season...

The "Fall Fiesta" Season of the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series will definitely be all about natural earth tones and layers of different textured shapes. Each piece will be different and named something toasty with a little spice.

This journey has been a true experience since the first two art exhibits in the beginning of the year at the Avanti Art & Design Center and the EMP/Seattle Center.

With a new idea and concept for each seasonal art peace. I wasn't quite sure how this exhibition would be, but it has proven to "me especially" that all things are possible to those who believe. 

Although, I have always been creative, I just recently started making real fine art pieces for sale to the public. It was my desire to make art that would be inspiring to all who encountered its presence and still maintain its own individuality.

Fortunately, that's what accurately describes the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series in many ways. I was able to explore, experiment and rediscover some of my favorite creative art skills with a abstract expressionist painting style.

As you have probably noticed I'm not your typical average visual artists in regards to how I conceive and complete each art peace. The style of this exhibit was to work in the moment of creative spontaneity.

There will also be other forms of creative ideas shared throughout this series such as poetry and a recommended reading list for those cozy fall days of restoration.

5-ways to celebrate the Fall Fiesta Season!!!

1.Legacy Living book by Gloria J. Burgess.

2.Chai Tea and pistachio cookies.

3.Baked Potato soup.

4.A pretty brown lipstick.

5. Fifteen minutes of prayer, praise and worship music by your favorite gospel singer.

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