Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The New Healthy!!!

Let's get started living the New Healthy lifestyle one day at a time.
Everyday people are making healthier choices about the things they use, eat and drink. But every person is different and they must choose to live a lifestyle that will work best for them according to their own personal resources, environment, dietary needs and medical requirements. Therefore it is very important for each person to research and find the best way for them to make healthier lifestyle choices in as many ways possible starting with themselves.
The process of living healthy does not always change overnight BUT you can make a difference by staying consistent and knowledgeable about the areas in your life that you want to improve. Nobody is perfect and we all have made some unwise choices at some point in our lives BUT everyday is a new day to get better and do better to become a healthier person in our spirit, mind, soul and body!!!
One of the first and easiest things we can all do is to start using more natural and organic healthcare body products that are made with organic vegetarian or vegan ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. There are many natural and organic products that can be purchased online or at the local health food store. You can also make them yourself by using recipes from a holistic healthcare book.
There are many people who make their own shampoo, soaps and lotions to use on their skin instead of using trendy commercial products that are filled with harsh and dangerous chemicals. The next step we can all start doing more consistently is to drink more water, herbal teas and fresh natural juices.
Eat more of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Reduce the amount of your salt and sugar intake by using more natural herbs and spices. Eat smaller portions of meat with your meals, especially for those who are planning to become vegetarians. Stretch, walk and have quiet time   everyday if possible according to your daily schedule and comfort level.
Talk to a health-care professional first for all of your personal dietary concerns and questions. The most important thing to remember when making changes in your life is that it starts with YOU ONLY nobody is going to force you to do anything, the choice is yours to decide how healthy you want to become.
This means that everybody will have a different plan on how they choose to live a healthier life. We are all different people with different needs, so just MAKE CHANGES ABOUT WHAT YOU PURCHASE TO EAT, DRINK, USE, OR WEAR THAT will work best for you and your personal family! THE NEW HEALTHY IS NOT A GAME CONTEST, CHALLENGE OR TRENDY COMPETITION IT'S A OPTIONAL PERSONAL LIFESTYLE CHOICE FOR YOU TO LOOK, FEEL AND BE YOUR BEST SELF!!!

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