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What is Black Art?

1. What is Black Art?

Black Art is a form of visual expression that was made, written or created by a person of Black African descent.

2. Why is Black art different from other forms and styles of visual art?

Every form of Black art imagery is different according to the individual artists' creative perspective, personal life experiences and material selection.

This means that there will never be just one way to define Black art form, style and identity. The artists has already included their past, present and future in everything they make. Therefore their individual visual art expressions are both historical, current and innovative. They cannot be duplicated with the same historical, personal significance or monetary value of what the original artists has painted, written or performed by others who are just copying what they see on the surface.

3. Are Black artists required to have Black people, objects or subject matter in every painting, play or book they produce to be considered authentic?

NO, NO AND NO AGAIN! The inclusion of Black "afrocentric" images, names and themes does not give Black Art its full credibility. It is considered Black art because a person of Black descent made it with their own physical ability and creative intelligence no other qualifications are needed. For example, if a black person paints a landscape with trees and flowers does that give another person the opportunity to claim the credit of making the painting because of its lack of visible Black images or written text? NO!

Black artists already have the freedom to create artwork that can cross all existing and pre-established boundaries of what their artwork should reflect to be considered an authentic representation of real Black art.

4. Is Black art and artists more or less valuable, talented or important than a non-Black artists?

Misguided beliefs of artistic racial superiority does not always determine the true value of a fine art form.

A real artists of any race is usually inspired by other forms of creativity. If they only made art to provoke or challenge other artists to see who is better they obviously are relying on the wrong form of motivation. 

A real artists does not consider his or her creative talent and individuality something that can be properly compared to others. That's not how an artists should be thinking while they are visually documenting their creative minds interpretation of the world around them.

Especially painters, who already have the exclusive freedom to make a image according to however they choose. 

There isn't always a right or wrong way to create a painting unless the artists wants their art piece to look or be a certain way based upon the final outcome of their original plan or pre-sketch. Otherwise, free-style painters and writers will always have several options to make something artistic and innovative.

5. What makes a particular art form innovative and different from others?

There are more than a million artists in the world who may have a similar painting process, teaching technique or brand of art supplies, yet they will always have their own individual unique style in everything they do otherwise they wouldn't be a visual artists. ~ SELAH (this word means to pause and think about the message in the prior statement according to the Hebrew language translation.)

6. Does art made by a Black person have to be validated and or authenticated by a person from another race to be considered important?

NO! Another persons race does not give them the authority to confirm a Black persons creative ability. This is a false misconception that has caused many talented Black artists and their creative art forms to be misunderstood.

7. Should a Black visual artists be mistreated because of their creative abilities and artistic talent?

NO, because all people have some form of creative and artistic capabilities. Whether they choose to display or cultivate their talent is a personal choice. Therefore they deserve to receive authorship credit for all their artwork, publications and performances the same as any other business service provider.

8. Should people from other races be given special acknowledgment if they purchase or admire the artwork made by a person of Black descent?

NO! It is always a blessing to have art fans and supporters but their race should NOT make their attention to Black art more important than others. Because visual art was not meant to be the race selection approval monitor for the world, that's NOT it's obligation. The person who supports Black artistry is actually receiving a very valuable opportunity to upgrade their knowledge of diversity and critic their own assumptions.

9. Is a Black artists required to paint, sing, talk or write about crime, violence, slavery and poverty to be considered real?

NO! Those topic matters are not what gives Black artists their full credibility or respect. The Black artists may include these subjects in some of their completed art forms according to their own personal and socially relevant viewpoint BUT it is NOT A PRE-REQUISITE or requirement to be creative or make real Black Fine Art.

10. Does the art forms and ideas of Black artists, performers or writers come from another source other than their lived experiences?

We can all learn from other people, but the creative accomplishments of Black artists of African descent will always be extremely important to the education of fine arts throughout the world. Every art form was and is currently influenced by Black / African aesthetics and creative ideas that's a proven fact. 

The most important thing to remember about all forms of visual Fine Arts and literature is that it will always include fact, fiction, imagination, dreams, vision, direct and indirect experiences from the person who is making it. Regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, creed, nationality, skin color, religion, education, marital or social economic status.

Therefore a Black Artists should never feel intimidated of their fine art accomplishments because it will always increase in its social significance and value to those who can appreciate its worth.

11. Is original Black Art worth buying?

YES, it is! Paintings made by Black artists are worth more than what it is priced and even more than some other art forms. Unfortunately, there are some who deny this fact because of there own issues with social, cultural, racial discrimination and prejudice. Original Black art also includes very specific details that makes it a genuine, valuable and an authentic collectable piece of art. 

There can only be one original fine arts picture painted by the original artists all others are copied replicas unless it is a certified limited edition print that is personally documented and hand signed by the original artists.

12. Is the artwork made by a self-taught visual artists different from an artists who went to an art school, class, or workshop?

NOT NECESSARILY, it really depends on the style of art they make and what they want to learn or accomplish. Certain art forms and styles can benefit from a formal training course but that doesn't make it any less valuable, important or creative. 

There are thousands of specialized fine art programs all over the world that teach the history of African and Black American art forms and techniques.

13. Is it wrong for an artists to showcase, display or promote there own artwork?

NO, not unless they have a contract agreement with a art dealer, gallery or museum and the requirements will be different for each artists. 

Visual artists are their own biggest fans, which means they will always enjoy the presence of their creative artwork until it is sold.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an artists who choses to network, self-promote or admire their own paintings. Especially with those who are doing the same type of advertising for their own business or fine arts career.

14. Is it okay for an artists to collect art, collaborate or communicate with other artists?

Yes indeed, if they truly love the fine arts of life they would naturally like the work of other artists whose skills they admire without feeling inferior. Collaborations and artists teams usually have a intended goal to make something extraordinary while maintaining their own creative style.

Artists apprenticeships should be about exploring not replacing or eliminating ones personal art style(s) to start copying something else.

However, most visual artists may focus more attention to a certain category (abstract, realism, surrealism, graffiti, graphic design) or use a particular type of art medium (watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastels) and that is a normal and very common practice for all visual artists.

15. Does a artists have to paint something for 8-hours per day, Monday-Friday to be considered a real serious artists? 

That will depend on the artist, some paintings, poems and songs can be made in a few minutes and some may  take years to finalize or perfect. 

There are also some artists who work other jobs and paint late at night or early in the morning according to their schedule or comfort level. Producing great art does not have to be complicated or made under stressful conditions. 

The creative art process is intended to be a therapeutic healing experience that comes from our naturally creative spirit and self-healing biological genetic structure as human beings.

People of African descent throughout the whole world have made various forms of art to use in their daily lives before and after the African Diaspora and slave trade in America. 

Art, music, dance, poetry and theatre is a natural part of our AFRICAN ANCESTRAL DNA and cultural heritage.

Gallery and museum exhibitions are a extra bonus of being a participant in the art business, but it is not a requirement. In the past, many well known famous artists had very few, if any public recognition or opportunities to show their artwork while they were alive.

Now, there are plenty of visual artists (painters especially) who are showcasing and selling their original art paintings while they are alive and living well. Death and dying IS NOT A REQUIREMENT to be a highly successful and wealthy visual artists.

16. What is an visual artists and what do they do?

A person who can paint, draw, sculpt, perform, act or sing something from their imagination as a form of entertainment for visual, decorative or teaching purposes.

BLACK VISUAL ARTISTS ARE NOT STEREOTYPES WITH PRE-PLANNED AND PRE-SCRIPTED CREATIVE IDEAS FROM ANOTHER SOURCE. That is far beneath their level of thinking, because they are fully capable of implementing their own creative ideas into real life conceptual fine art forms.

17. Where can a person go to learn more about the Fine Arts made, written or performed by artists of African descent?

There are several different books, articles, journals and website dedicated to the accomplishments of Black artists. Please visit to get started and learn more about what's going on in the Black Fine Arts World!

18. Is it necessary for a Black female artists to have a stereotypical personality in order to be accepted as a serious artists? 

NO, NO AND NO AGAIN! - Each and every artists already has there own separate identity, style and technique. There is not only one way for a BLACK FEMALE ARTISTS OR ANY PERSON to look, act, talk, dress or create their form of Fine Art Expression. 

Nobody was made to be a zombie, robot or clone because that is NOT A NORMAL WAY FOR HUMAN BEINGS TO ACT. Therefore, you will see black female artists and others change there fashion and hairstyle many times during their lifetime according to their personal preferences. Because that is what all people are doing everyday.

19. Why is it important to appreciate the role of fine arts in this society.

The value of Fine Arts is a very important to the lives of human beings, helping them to see, hear, touch, taste, breathe, talk, walk and live more colorfully!

Gold Mind by Shurvon~Shaynlicia!

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