Monday, December 30, 2013

In the beginning of the FINE ARTS THEORY 2014 SERIES!

     What is the Fine Art Theory exhibit:  This series has been circulating in my mind for many years, especially after I decided to create more art for public viewing at local art shows.

Once I became more serious about being a visual artist, I noticed more questions being asked about who influenced, encouraged or gave me "permission" to be an artist.

This type of questioning was very odd considering that I have always been interested in the FINE ARTS, along with many other subjects throughout my lifetime. Those questions really caused me to think deeply about the type of artwork I would create as an visual artist. 

After many trials and errors of trying to create one (1) style of artwork, I soon discovered that I don't have just one particular artist style and I never will because, that is not the way my artwork is supposed to be. 

This type of art making process has allowed me to expand my creativity beyond the stifling limits of who, what and how art should be according to somebody else's preconceived stereotypical assumption of what my artwork should reflect.

     I was not fully aware that creating artwork would be so controversial in the opinion of others, which ultimately led me to research, rediscover and redefine myself as a African-American female artist in the 21st century. 

This journey was both exciting and painful as I begin to realize that there were only a few forms of expression that were considered to be "real" and or "authentic" representations of art from a black artist. It was at this point that I decided to expand my options beyond those boundaries this is at least one trait that all artists have in common we create ways to create and that is how the 'Fine Arts Theory Designer series was born.

     This exhibit will explore the questions of WHO is an artist?, WHAT is art?, WHEN should an artists create art? WHERE do they get their creativity, inspiration and ideas? HOW should artist create their art? WHY are there so many misconceptions, myths and mysteries in the fine arts world? 

This series will also explore what art is not, meaning that it is not just limited to traditional oil paintings of portraits, still life, flower vases and fruit bowls.

Although these type of images may have a certain significance in the art world, it is not the only form of visual art expression in the Fine Arts category of life. 

So stay tuned for more details, dates and definitions of the 'Fine Art Theory Designer' be continued.

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