Tuesday, February 25, 2014


  1. EMP-Through the Eyes of Art!
  2. Seahawks Won Their 1st Super Bowl
  3. Learned a new asian art technique-love, love, love their paint brushes!
  4. Sent 4 of my art peaces to their new homes.
  5. Met a few more new artists in my community. 
  6. Listened to Draze new rap album about the Central District-the guitar/bass was on POINT!
  7. Ate some good ole bbq,thai, ezell's, stir-fry, Mexican and Whole Foods.
  8. Created a new cinnamon mixed tea flavor. 
  9. Finally had some good African food at the Africans@Microsoft events. 
  10. Had a good cry about some people,  places and things that I still sometimes think about. 
  11. Listened to my favorite gospel songs to soothe my soul after #10.
  12. Added some new peaces to my art collection.
  13. Had a fabulous Black History Month celebration at church. 
  14. Hosted another fabulous Black History Month Artists Tribute with other artists and Community members. 
  15. Attended a basketball ball game and they won!
  16. Reminiscenced about some of my favorite black celebrities. 
  17. Met the legendary singing group Sweet Honey and the Rock!
  18. Celebrated, released and honored some of my closest relatives/plus two couples move to the next level of their relationships. 
  19. Overcame some hurdles.
  20. Decided that God knows best...
  21. Wrote this list of blessings.
  23. Black Art -past, present and future!
  24. The sound of silence and serenity!
  25. Art on my mind!
  26. Praying about something serious!
  27. Making a vision board.
  28. A birthday celebration in gloryland.

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