Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Freedom to be...

For so many centuries some people have been severely discouraged from living, growing and learning how to be their best healthy self.

They were not allowed to read, think, talk, feel or be taught what would have been necessary for them to establish a loving legacy of life as humans in the United States.

They were tormented, abused, chastised and misused by those who said they were inferior, but that was not really true...

These Beautiful people were actually very smart, wise and confident in themselves without having a boastful arrogance or irrational need to be controlling towards others to prove who was better, smarter or prettier because only haters have to resort to such tactics.

The Beautiful One's don't even have this type of mentality because they are focused on more important qualities that don't require unnecessary motives. That's the definition of true freedom from fear and the beginning of a faith filled thankful heart!

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