Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fine Arts By Shurvon (live)

FINE ARTS BY SHURVON...Currently on display at the Avanti Art and Design Center starting Friday, August 8th at 6pm. Featuring "WINTER" and "COOL MINT TEA" from the FINE ARTS THEORY DESIGNER SERIES!

Fine Arts By Shurvon is also on display at Gallery 31 ( for more details about the 2nd episode that will be broadcast live on August 21st starting at 7pm (PST)

Also watch a live video broadcast featuring... MODUS OPERANDI VISUAL ARTISTS CONVERSATIONS AND VIRTUAL ART STUDIO TOUR with four other visual artists and photographers from the Pacific Northwest. 

Talking about the process of creating Fine Art and the new art world renaissance and revolution!!!!

FINE ARTS BY SHURVON starts at the 35:00 minute mark, thanks for tuning in for the first episode of Modus Operandi!

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