Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The 25 Reasons...

Fine Arts by Shurvon is honored to present:

(Please read the previous blog post for more information about this series.)

The 2nd Annual myheART's Designer Series....January 15, 2015!

What is this Fine Arts Series about?

This series is a journey to discover the 25 reasons that motivated me to be a visual artists prior to the First annual 'Fine Arts Theory Designer 2014 Series.' 

During the course of that series I was trying to figure out why it was so controversial for Black African-American women to be visual artists. It was also my way of trying to find clarity and understanding about this so called "mysterious art world."

The journey of being an visual artists has been very challenging but I definitely know now that I must continue, because it is a very important part of the destiny that was intended for my purposed filled life as a human being living on this earth.

As a Fine Arts Visionary, I truly believe that artists are those who use their creative gifts and talents to bring light into the world. They are the sun, moon and stars that help people rediscover those things in their life that makes them grateful to be alive.

This new series is a combination of the past, present and future painted on paper with my paintbrush. It is a visual expression of the ideas that had inspired me to be an visual artists before I knew about all the "formal" academic fine arts "theoretical" terms and "professional" painting/drawing techniques.

That is why I chose the theme for this series.

'PAINT + PAPER + PAINTBRUSH' = 25 Reasons i love ART! 

I personally believe in writing about my own visual artists and painting experiences first, while I have the clarity of mind to articulate my real thoughts about my own original art peaces.

As I studied about the history of visual artists, especially African-American female artists, it was more than obvious that they were severely mistreated and misunderstood.

There were many people who did not appreciate the heART within their art. It took a lot of courage for those artists to be bold enough to visually document the society of their times. Especially, those who were enslaved and were not allowed to read or write.

But in the midst of their challenging circumstances these visual artists maintained their ability to make fine art that was interesting and historically valuable. Although, they did not have all the fancy art exhibition showcases, gallery/museum representation and social gathering opportunities that are available to some artists today.

I am always inspired by those artistically gifted elder artists ancestors and encouraged by those who are now living to support the important value of teaching Fine Arts Education to the next generation of creatively talented people.

This series is a direct result of those artist who helped pave the way for myself and others to be the free-style, innovative and successful artists that we are today. Their work and labor of love as visual artists was not in vain because it was a light for us to see beyond the stormy clouds of racial oppression.

This series is not just about race or social injustice issues, it is about the building of strength, faith and perseverance to reach your creative goals despite the obstacles. 

The 2nd Annual 'my heART's Designer Series' is a introduction into the Fine Arts By Shurvon past, present and future as I travel on my journey with just some paper, paint and paintbrush to rediscover the 25 Reasons I Love Fine Arts!!!

In Honor of...by KH, LH and SH 2014©

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