Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Designer Art Signature Series...

Fine Arts By Shurvon is proud to present the Designer Art Signature Series!
This new art series will consist of 12 limited edition fine art peaces made by Shurvon~Shaynlicia. They will be handmade collage art assemblages mounted on 12 x 12 or 24 x 24 wood board.
I have already completed four this year, along with the "25 REASONS i LOVE ART" = Paint+Paper+Paintbrush for the "my heART'S Designer Series," watercolor paintings on paper!
Stay tuned for more information about this new signature series that will be on display at all of my upcoming Fine Art shows~Fine Arts i Create Just for You!!!

~The Designer Art Signature Series of 2015~

March 2015

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