Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fine Arts by Shurvon

Shurvon Haynes, is a multi-talented visual artists whose creativity may vary from one style to another according to whatever art supplies and creative mood she is in to make abstract expressionist collage assemblage paintings.
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of Seattle, she was surrounded by the beauty of the natural outdoors and other people. She knew at a very early age that she would one day be a "real" artists and make the type of art that would be innovative, intellectual and fashionable.
Each of her art peaces have their own presence and original style this includes her contemporary silhouette drawings featured in the Oh~So FABULOUS series to the mixed medium colorful collage paintings of the Seattle Waterfront and Red Haute Salsa. "There aren't any limits on the kind of art i decide to make, this type of art practice keeps my creative spirit alive!"
Although she did study art, media and culture in college, her art does not follow any traditional fine art philosophical theories exclusively. "There are several sources that influence my art "peaces," such as music, books, fashion design and sometimes nothing!"
Shurvon recently completed her first annual solo art exhibition titled, The Fine Arts Theory Designer 2014 Series, this art showcase was divided into five separate categories according to the Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday season.  
It is my belief that every artists should make, create, write and perform their own personal artists autobiography while they have the physical ability in the early stages of their fine arts career. This gives them the opportunity to express their true talent, experience and goals as an artists, that's what the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series was all about.
Shurvon, paints and designs her own style concepts for all of her art "peaces" unless it is for a specific collaborative art project with other artists such as the International Public Art Quilt that is currently in Accra, Ghana.
She also collects the art of other artists and writers whose work she admires. "I just love visual art it is a necessity of life and living!"
Shurvon is currently working on her  2nd Annual myheART's Designers Series it has only three elements; PAINT + BRUSH + PAPER = 25 reasons i LOVE art! A original Surrealist watercolor painting on paper that will be done by October.
Contact Shurvon~Shaynlicia directly for all custom order inquiries and art exhibit reservations
Shurvon Haynes, The Fine Arts Visionary!

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