Monday, April 6, 2020


'2020 In the Presence of Black Art is still on the agenda, I just had to adjust the creative schedule according to our current society challenges...stay tuned for more information about my new series at

In the meantime I am participating in the #PAINTPRIL CHALLENGE that was designed by the infamous Aramis Hamer @mis_liberation. Everyday artists from all over the world can upload an image that connects to a daily theme. 

#PAINTPRIL has really helped restart the creative process for my new series '2020 in the Presence of Black Art'  that was interrupted by the corona quarantine. I've rediscovered some old/new ideas that can be revived according to our new normal. Each image is combination of my original artwork, personal memories and favorite items that relate to the daily #paintpril theme.

Visit on my website on April 29th at to see the first set of images of the '2020 in the Presence of Black' series from SHURVON, THE FINE ARTS VISIONARY!!!! #PAINTPRIL

Creative contributions from Shurvon, The Fine Arts Visionary at
to the APRIL 2020 #paintpril challenge on instagram.

Visit #paintpril on instagram to see more wonderful art from our creative global art renaissance society!!!!
#paintpril for #paintpril on Instagram.

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