Friday, April 26, 2024

The Fine Arts Visionary at miniMAXIMA DESIGNS


Shurvon Alicia's journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts...


Shurvon Alicia, Fine Arts Visionary and Designer at 

She is from Seattle’s Central District, a neighborhood known for its beautiful natural environment, supportive ethnic diversity and innovative fine arts community. Shurvon designs contemporary abstract Black fine art that includes maximum color, fashion design and global connections. She also writes poetry, makes jewelry and dances to live music while attending community festivals in Seattle!


SOLID BLACK and BRIGHT COLORS  inspires her fine art designs. She is motivated to make art that is both aesthetically appealing and socially conscious in an effort to expand connections in the art world globally.

Fine Arts is a creative document of people living on planet earth. Our Music is a Song, Dancing is a Rhythm, Writing is a Poem and Painting is a Picture of what we hear, feel, see and creatively process into something for others to experience as a gift from God. 


My personal fine arts journey officially started in 2014 when I designed the Fine Arts Theory Signature series about rediscovering my passion for painting, drawing, writing and fashion. I soon realized that it was also necessary for me to establish my own visionary ideas as a Black Female visual artist from the Pacific Northwest. 


My decision to take a leap of Faith into the global art world was a form of therapeutic self development for my spirit, mind, body, heart and soul.

Obviously, I was not prepared for some of the obstacles I had in the global art world, yet here I am,  just now getting started as a professional artist after years of intense introspective adventures as an emerging visual artist. 

The next chapter of my journey at miniMAXIMADesigns is exciting because I have so many new abstract expressionist fine art ideas that I've gained since I started in 2014. Similar to climbing a mountain, the goal is not rushing to the top to see the view, it's about appreciating the faith building process to complete the creative vision everyday!


Currently, I'm developing miniMAXIMA Designs, writing new social media content and planning to revive myheART’s 25 Reasons I LOVE ART into a colorful interactive series that will be ready in 2025. 



•The Fine Arts Theory Designer Series

•my heART's Designer Series

•25 Reason why I Love Fine Arts

2015 - 2023
•Eccentric/JuVon Fine Arts Designs
collaboration with Ju's Customized Jewelry Designs

2019 - 2023
•The Wonderful World of Fine Arts Radio Show with JUVON DESIGNS

2020 - 2022
•In the Presence of BLACK FINE ARTS 

2023 - 2024
•The Fine Arts of NEM
•miniMAXIMA Designs


Shurvon Alicia's journey into the Wonderful World of Fine Arts, designed with color, inspired by fashion and motivated from passion...the journey continues!!!!'

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