Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Journey of the Artists...the next chapter!

By: Shurvon Haynes

1. What is the definition of the second season of your Fine Arts Designer Series...Spring Florality?

SAH~ It is the name I created to represent all things related to the Spring season that may include: natural landscapes, poetry, tea parties, colorful flowers and fashion.

2. How will the Spring Florality artwork be different from the End of Winter artwork?
SAH~ It will be less detailed in its construction, lighter but brighter, more usage of watercolor paints and oil pastel crayons two very different art mediums that I've rarely used in my previous artwork.

3. What has been the most significant response that you noticed about your artwork by the public thus far?
SAH~ I've noticed how some people are challenged with how to define, categorize and articulate the different variations of my artist style because each "art peace" has a extremely different details and design patterns. This has been the most common question that I've been asked since I started presenting my artwork in more community art shows.  I've tried many times to focus on just one art style for everything I painted but it just doesn't work for me. So now I paint according to whatever is in my creative spirit on any given day of the week and that has proven to be the best solution for me as a visual artist.
I don't need to use live models for the images of people in my artwork; therefore the facial features, hairstyles and most of the objects are freestyle hand drawings. On very rare occasions I may paint my own abstract interpretation of a photograph but again that's not very often.

4. What motivates you to create artwork?
SAH~ The ability to see what was in my creative mind appear on my art canvas, although there may still be several major changes to some of the final details and naming of the completed project. That's why I may provide more details about certain art pieces more than some of the others. There are oftentimes that I may not know how to describe some of the artwork myself, especially if it looks different from what I thought it would be. Those who have questions about my art peaces, can send a email to, then you can be sure to get the correct answer, because nobody can interpret artwork better than the artist themselves.

If you ever meet someone who tries to describe my artwork by using overt distasteful innuendos then they do not have the right clues to describe my art peaces. Much to my disbelief there are some intrusive people who have tried to insert their influence in an effort to undermine the validity or purpose of my  creative art images, this type of behavior is often dismissed.

Most of my art peaces are influenced by aesthetically appealing color combinations from fashion designs, geometric shapes, philosophy and social awareness issues about a variety of topics. 

5. When is your next art show?
SAH~ I will be featured along with several other artists in the Pancake & Booze Live Art Show at the El Corazon located in Downtown Seattle. TICKETS ARE ONLY $5.00 for an unlimited pancake breakfast dinner, live art demonstrations and music. There are also two new art images featured online on the Richmond Art Gallery website for their International Mail Art Exchange Exhibit.

6. Why is being an artist important to you?
SAH~ I have always admired all things that are defined as Fine Arts according to social and academic guidelines. I believe that it is a vital necessity of life and not limited or reserved for only certain groups of people. If museums and galleries want to survive in this technological generation they must expand their community outreach to include more diverse art education methods. Otherwise they will be going out of business like many of the local and commercial bookstores that were forced to close their doors throughout the United States.
Reading about other artist and writers is a worthwhile process for me personally. I would also encourage more artists to redefine according to their own theories about how their artwork can impact the whole world. Especially art images that depict racism and are often assumed to promote negative militant emotions but could actually be very enlightening if presented for the purpose of clarity, healing and understanding.

7. What topics do you plan to explore in the future through your artwork?
SAH~ Some of the new ideas that I have been thinking about including in my artwork for the next two seasons (Summer & Fall) of the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series will be about the appreciation of creative individuality. I've noticed that some people with introverted personalities like my own are often targeted by people with more extroverted personalities who sometimes use extreme tactics to interject their thoughts, words and actions on those who are typically more quiet, reserved and introspective by nature in an effort to override and be the  center of attention. These type of invasive strategies are often very unnecessary because nobody was made to have a scripted pre-auto set manufacturally controlled restrictive personality-mimicking mindset that is programmed to be either loud or quiet during their entire lifespan, that would be inhumane and unhealthy to everyone on this earth.

A Creative Genius expects visual artists to be innovative, they do not play degrading and negative mind games  with other artists because they already know that their personal art style cannot be duplicated. This is the most important and valuable form of knowledge a true artists can achieve because it will be evident in their original fine arts creations.

I also plan to use my artist skills to bring more awareness about Scoliosis, an orthopedic spine deformity because I have it and with early detection it can be treated with physical therapy, unless corrective medical surgery is needed. 

These two topics along with my other favorite subjects (fashion, food and books) will be present in the remaining   two seasons of this series. 'Summer 2 LOVE' and 'Night FALL,'  If your company or gallery is interested in hosting an exhibit for The Fine Arts Theory Designer Series, please email or on Facebook at


Where can a person purchase your art:

My artwork can be purchased at: (Type in my name 'Shurvon Haynes' to automatically    connect to my webpage or directly from me ( I can create artwork according to your specific needs).

Original art and photos by Shurvon Haynes 2013-2014.

Images from top to bottom: 
Fine Arts Theory sign, Shurvon~Shaynlicia,
The First Spring Florality Art Poetry Scroll available for purchase at the 
The El Corazon in Seattle, WA
8pm - 2am
Buy your admission ticket today for only $5.00
For more information!

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