Friday, September 12, 2014

Art Peaces 4 U!

(For more information about the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series please review blog posted on (2/10/2014).

The Fine Arts Theory Designer Series was divided into four parts according to the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons. Each season had a different title and sub-themes to describe the art peaces from Fine Arts by Shurvon, that were on display at several locations and on the internet throughout the year.

Starting in January 2014 with the "End of WINTER" exhibit that featured the monochromatic textured abstract painting titled "WINTER."

This art peace was hand painted without the use of a paintbrush. It also includes glass, sand and a little spray paint on a square wood board.

There were several name changes before it was titled, WINTER a name that describes this art peace perfectly without any further explanation.


This art peace was part of Spring Florality Poetry Art Scroll series that was hand painted on paper with gouache watercolor paint that includes a original poem written by the artists, titled "Be at Peace."

Summer 2 LOVE...

The art peaces created for this season were the most diverse with many different styles and sub-themes. The image posted below is titled "Sweet Heart" it is a mixed media collage on a wood panel board.


This is also a mixed media collage on a wood board of a woman wearing jewelry, glitter and a gold flower in her hair, titled "Queen of the Fall Fiesta!"

The Holiday Bonus Season will start in December featuring Collage Quilt Paintings and much more!

Thank-you, for being an important part of my visual artists journey you can also learn more about my original art peaces by watching the live Pacific Northwest Artists talk "Modus Operandi" video produced by JEG Media currently online at

FINE ARTS BY SHURVON ~ The Fine Arts Visionary at S.H.A.Y.N.E Fine Arts and Fashion Designs.

Queen of the Fall Fiesta!

Fine Arts By Shurvon!
Sweet Heart!

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