Saturday, December 26, 2015


To: All of my Fine Arts by Shurvon friends and fans including those who follow my Facebook pages: Black African American Visual Artist and Entertainers, New Healthy Hearts and Minds, The B.E.S.T Station, Fashion Designs for You, Food, Fun and Fellowship and the Gold Mind Creatives Group Pages.

It has been exactly ten years since I painted my very first gouache painting titled: SHALOM, a painting of a black leopard in 2004-2005 that was made for my own personal interior design wall decor.

Now as we are close to the end of year 2015, I share with you one of my most recent paintings titled: Sparkling LAVA, a collage assemblage on canvas that was made for the 10 x 10 Backstreet Bazaar Fundraiser at the Hillman City Collaborative Center in Seattle, WA.

There has been more than 200 paintings made since then and I am so thankful to God for allowing me to walk through this journey of life as a Fine Arts Visionary and Creative Writer for Fine Arts by Shurvon at and

I would also like to send a very special THANK-YOU to the all of the people who have purchased my paintings at one of the many art exhibits that have showcased my artwork within the past ten years. 
It was very important to me as an Black African~American Female visual artists from the Central District that is now known as "Africa Town" to establish my art vision in the State of Washington the place were I was born and fed by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest the place where my heart has a home.

2016 will be another exciting year as I continue my fine arts journey from "Color Crayons to Gesso Canvas," with my 3rd annual art project for the 'Art of Fashion Designer Series' that will feature the clothing fashion styles of men and women since creation until now. Plus the 2nd annual 'Designer Art Signature Series that will feature twelve original fine art collage assemblages on a 12 x 12 canvas board, of various people, places and things that inspire my creative vision on any given day.

The Seattle Renaissance of visual artists, creative writers and spoken word poets is alive and real...we are the artists who are supposed to be in this "Art World," this is "The Plan that God" has intended for our lives "For Such A Time as This" because "Our Lives Matter" and we are "Here to Stay" and to fulfill our Purpose here on this EARTH!!!

Fine Arts by Shurvon is currently on display at the University of Washington's School of Social Work in Seattle, WA for the 'Boundaries of the African Diaspora Fine Arts Showcase' presented by C-Art Gallery until February 2016.

Here is a link to a video that was made by one of the featured visual artist at the opening night ceremony: that was posted on the Seattle Community Media website:

Be Blessed!

Written by: Shurvon Shaynlicia ~ Shurvon Haynes

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