Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fine Arts Unlimited...

I went to a program at a Fine Arts museum in Seattle and it was very enlightening. Three very prominent professional visual artists spoke about the subject of painting, film directing and writing.
They each shared their experiences of what it was like to be  an African-American professional in their prospective fields within the Fine Arts.
One of the most important topics discussed was the fact that a person's ethnicity, race, gender, age or social status does not limit there creative talents and abilities.
Often times they are pressured to produce work that is limited to one aspect of their life, in a effort to prove this mythical notion of "being real" and not fake.
This type of thinking has crippled the minds of many intelligent people, who could have generated billions in revenue, resources and opportunities for others to increase their social economic status.
Each individual has the ability to improve the world beyond their neighborhood and still give back to those in need as they become more successful.
They don't have to prove their loyalty by constantly being mistreated and misused by someone with a intimidating need to maintain control over other people less fortunate.
That is not the purpose of life on this earth. We are here to produce the gifts and talents that God has already predestined us to do before we were  born.
Nobody has exclusive rights to disrupt another person's contributions to this society, that is called confusion. Live your own life with thankfulness and gratitude without having to compete with others who are on their own journey.
I am African-American Black female visual artists and my valuable purpose in this world did not start after I picked-up a paint brush or went to school. My destiny was already established on the day I entered this world and will continue to be of importance for many more centuries and so will yours, because it is God's divine plan, not man's.
Our minds, spirit, soul and body has been set free and we are not confined in what we were chosen to accomplish in this world regardless of our current circumstances.
God will always expand our options, opportunities and optimism everyday for always and forever!
Written by Shurvon~Shaynlicia for Shurvon Shaynlicia Fashion and Fine Arts Designs & Fine Arts By Shurvon!

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