Monday, May 19, 2014

Floral Fruit Tea for You Too...

I always knew from a young age that I would be a visual artist, because I was always fascinated with the various type of pictures and colorful images that I would see everywhere on a daily basis.

However, I always thought that being an "real" artist would take many repetitive years of  painting portraits, fruit bowls and flower vases in a traditional Fine Arts Academy.

It seemed a bit boring compared to the colorful variety of artwork that I was making in grade school. I also wore a orthopedic back brace and I wanted to do something more active when I was physically able, instead of sitting in front of an easel everyday during my early teen years.

Therefore, I made the decision to find other ways to express my creative talents and live my life so that I would have something more personal and interesting to paint about when it was time for me to pick-up the paint brush.

Plus, I didn't fully understand the whole concept of being an visual artists, paint mediums, fine art terms, being a female artists and what the difference between African-American Black Fine Artists from other well known artists like Picasso and nem' was really all about.

After hearing and reading so many stereotypes about artist I knew
within that I had to define my own art theories while on my visual artist journey. Although there were some misunderstandings, I've learned so many things along the way, the most important was that I can paint, make and create images on canvas, paper, wood or glass, using a variety of paint mediums and objects to make "Real Fine Art." This is the main reason all of my images look totally different from each other, but they are all my own true, original and genuine fine art paintings.

This brings me back to the subject of fruit bowls and flowers, I found a brief summary on another website about the history of seeing these common fine art objects that I shared on this blog post, this summary further let's me know that I wasn't the only person wondering why so many artist were painting these objects in what I now know is a very specific art form called: Still Life ~ basically its the art of positioning basic everyday items in different light settings to display the skilled technique of scale, shading and blending in a painting. As an visual artist I can fully understand the value of this type of training but at the same time there has to be room for flexibility and innovation because that is the sole purpose of an artist: to utilize a variety of tools, methods and techniques to implement several different art ideas and inventions.

Since I typically draw everything in my paintings, the use of actual props for my "still life" fruit bowl and flower images are not required.
I much prefer to allow the paint brush and paint make its own~blendedshaded lightedandscaled~designs during the creative process. This technique was discovered while on my Artists' Journey and has proven to produce fabulous results beyond what I could have ever imagined.

This is also how the Fine Arts world will thrive and survive in their struggle to stay alive in schools and colleges if they strive to include more creative diversity in their academic curriculums in a effort to see the value in a variety of art forms consistently.

So stay tuned for more art peace's from the Fine Arts Theory Designer Series: 
Season Two...Spring Florality!
 "Fruit Bowls and Flowers"
(Also visit the website below for more information about Still Life and other art forms)
Red Cherry Square by Shurvon Haynes

Colorful Love by Shurvon Haynes

Beautiful by Shurvon Haynes

The Divine Sapphires
 by Shurvon Haynes

Fruit Bowl and Flowers
 by Shurvon Haynes

In honor of by Shurvon Haynes
 with b&w images by L.H. and K.H
Starting on my Artist Journey!

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